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The worst drought in more than 300 years has hit South Africa’s Western Cape. The dogs who live in the Westbank slum near Cape Town are having a terrible time.

Many of the dogs are cruelly abused and starved.
Now they face dying of thirst in baking sun.

The dogs usually get water from local streams, but because of the drought, they are all dry. I sent my team on a rescue mission to bring some much-needed disaster relief. We were traumatized by the appalling condition of these dogs.

On every corner were starving, thirsty dogs. It was heart-breaking to hear their piteous cries as we brought them water.

We saw a man holding a dog by the tail and punching him, while he squealed in pain. My team rushed in and saved him. Our partner Fallen Angels is taking care of him and given him his first name – Skippy.

Then there was Miley a four-year-old dachshund who was almost completely covered in disease-spreading ticks, sucking the life from her. We saved her and she will make a full recovery and hopefully find a loving home.


We also rescued Victor, a white and gentle mix-breed; he was covered in sores, emaciated and terrified of people. With some patience and food encouragement we calmed him and gave him the care he needs.

These are just some of the horrors we see every day in our crusade to help dogs in distress. To think that death by thirst has been added to the list makes me so sad.

These dogs will die without my help and I will not let them down. I can only do this with the help of people like you.

Please make take a stand now and give the dogs of Westbank the help they so truly need.

For the animals,


P.S. Working with Fallen Angels, our partner on the ground in Westbank, we will do our utmost to keep providing fresh water. I promise! But I need to be able to count on your generosity today. Please send what you can.


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