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Some time ago, we told you about 1,000 critically overworked donkeys in Arusha, Tanzania. The animals are forced to carry back-breaking loads to and from a local market in the remote, rural region of Mirongoine every week. Shockingly, they were forced to endure this cruelty under the blistering African sun with no rest, food and, worst of all, not a single drop of water to drink the entire day. 

Our partner, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA), alerted us to this dreadful situation. We reached out to you, and through your support, we  constructed a shaded shelter with built-in water troughs that can accommodate up to 200 donkeys. Your donations have also allowed us to lay pipes connected to the nearby municipal water supply and we are now pumping in an ample amount of water for these desperately thirsty donkeys. 


This is a huge improvement in the lives of the 1000  donkeys who visit  Mirongoine market, and it was only made possible by your unwavering generosity. Our team recently visited the market  and it was heartwarming to see the relief in the eyes of  thirsty donkeys finally drinking water after hours of grueling work. Thank you for helping us ease the suffering of animals who, until now, have never known human kindness. 

Every time you donate, you help an animal in desperate need, just like these grateful donkeys. Please keep supporting our work so that we can continue our vital, lifesaving work for animals in need.


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