Turkey’s Street Dog Euthanasia Law1 Turkey’s Street Dog Euthanasia Law1

Article written by Chris Parsons

Proposed law in Turkey could result in millions of street dogs being euthanized: An urgent statement from Network for Animals

Network for Animals is open to working with Turkish authorities to support humane methods of dog population control, as mandated by current laws. However, a new proposed law – which will be voted on by Turkish parliament tomorrow, July 12, 2024 – could radically change how street dogs are treated in Turkey, allowing all of the country’s estimated 4 million homeless dogs to be rounded up en masse and euthanized. This would be a significant backwards step from the progressive stance that Turkey takes towards animal welfare.

Turkey’s Street Dog Euthanasia Law3

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We humbly ask the Turkish municipalities, authorities and proud citizens to oppose this barbaric law, and to recognize that all animals should be treated with compassion and kindness.

Mass euthanasia is an inhumane and ineffective method of controlling stray dog populations, as proven by multiple studies. Based on a wealth of evidence and experience in humanely managing stray animals, we urge the Turkish parliament to implement the most effective, humane and sustainable method: trap-neuter-vaccinate-release (TNVR) programs, alongside suitable shelters for stray dogs suffering on the streets.

Turkey’s Street Dog Euthanasia Law4

We also strongly believe that stripping dogs of their freedom by forcing them to spend time in municipal shelters, which are likely to quickly deteriorate due to overcrowding, will cause cruel and unnecessary suffering for the dogs before they are put to death. Allowing them to remain free under the care and supervision of on-the-ground organizations, while ensuring effective sterilization campaigns, will both protect the animals’ rights and well-being, and provide a humane solution to controlling the population.

We are committed to supporting humane stray animal population control methods and will assist Turkish authorities in any way possible, should they reject this outdated proposed law and pursue TNVR campaigns instead.


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