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We just rescued a dog paralysed after some brute tried to hack it to death…. Just another day in the lives of the Network for Animals team in the Philippines.

It happened because Cagayan de Oro Animal Rescue (CAR) stumbled across a shocking Facebook post of a man who had hacked his neighbour’s dog with a meat cleaver, leaving her hindquarters paralyzed.

The dog is now being cared for by CAR because the owner is unable to care for a crippled dog. We will make sure she gets a special trolley that will allow her to walk and we will find her a forever home.

We also called the police. The perpetrator was found and fined and NFA’s Dr Medino Yebron succeeded getting the person to agree to pay the cost of medical treatment and future care. If they do not, they will be prosecuted again.

We are now on the hunt for someone who can make a suitable ‘wheelchair’ for this cute guy who deserves a better life after his harrowing ordeal.


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