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You may remember that back in April 2021, all the animals at the Friend Animal Foundation (FAF) in Harare, Zimbabwe, were in dire need of help. The shelter was on the brink of financial ruin and closure after the previous owner died; hundreds of animals faced being killed by the authorities.

That’s when Network for Animals stepped in. We reached out to our supporters, and you helped us save FAF from closure by providing a lifeline to nearly 500 dogs, 145 cats, horses, and a donkey.

Since April, your donations and generosity have not just kept the doors of FAF open – a place of safety for so many poor, unwanted souls – but have also enabled us to make much-needed renovations and improvements. You have helped us turn a dismal shelter devoid of hope into a happy, lively home for all the abused, neglected and abandoned animals in its care.

FAF is a no-kill shelter. Most animals at FAF will stay there for the rest of their lives. YOU have brought them more happiness than they could ever have imagined!

Over the past several months, we have kept bellies full and tails wagging within the shelter and have worked with FAF to provide enrichment and improved living conditions for the dogs, cats and other animals.

With your donations, we have also enabled FAF to employ desperately-needed hands-on staff, including kennel hands who have the herculean task of walking, feeding, cleaning and caring for the hundreds of animals at the foundation. We have created dedicated ‘runs’ and play areas for the dogs so that they have space to exercise and socialize with their friends, and have helped to revamp the cattery, which was in desperate need of repair.

You came through for the animals when they needed you most, and they will never forget your kindness!

Your response has had a meaningful impact, and all the animals at FAF are so grateful for your support. In the coming months, we hope to refurbish more enclosures and construct additional runs for the dogs, so watch this space!

Thank you, Network for Animals supporters, for saving and changing the lives of hundreds of animals in need. They’re alive and thriving, because of you. We have pledged to support FAF fully for two years and help it to become self-sustaining.

500 dogs and 145 cats eat a lot of food and need a lot of care. It’s your donations that keep their tummies full.

Please continue to help them by donating if you can.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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