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Global disasters once again made headlines in February as devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, and animals were victims of the turmoil. As always, we had teams on the ground helping. Here’s a sample of how your donations recently helped.

Turkey - emergency relief

A devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria in early February, and we immediately sprang into action. We joined forces with HAYTAP (Hayvan Hakları Federasyonu), an animal rescue team on the ground helping to pull cats, dogs, birds and even farm animals from the rubble in Antakya. The team set up emergency field tents and treated, fed and sheltered animals. Many had lost their homes and their families in the tragedy or had been left behind by owners forbidden to shelter with them. We provided further support when, two weeks after the initial quake, two more powerful tremors caused more destruction and terror for the animals.

Thanks to you, countless animals were saved from the wreckage, and received food, medical care, safe shelter and love. We will continue to support the animals as the dust slowly settles.

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United Kingdom, Bodmin

Eight foals were separated from their mothers during a traumatizing round-up on Bodmin Moor, where adult horses are carted off to auction. Foals are left to fend for themselves in the middle of winter - freezing, and easy targets for killers, who would likely chop them up for their meat.

Our partner, the Hugs Foundation (HUGS), rescued the foals, going far beyond their financial capacity and means to ensure that all eight could be saved and cared for. Your heart went out to these special foals, and thanks to your support, we were able to help fund nutritious food, expert medical care and comfortable stabling at the HUGS facility.

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Ukraine & Poland

Our Brian Davies Award winners for 2022 finally received their personalized plaques! Congratulations once again to our partners in Ukraine - Vetmarket Pluriton and the Animal Guardians Program - and to our Polish partner, DIOZ. We are incredibly proud to partner with these extraordinary organizations who demonstrate outstanding work in the field of animal welfare every day. Read more about their work here.

While many other organizations have moved on, our work in Ukraine alongside our tireless partners on the ground continues. We are financing emergency rescue and evacuation missions, critically needed pet food and vital veterinary care - none of which would be possible without your devoted generosity. We and the helpless four-legged victims of war-torn Ukraine are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support.


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Thank you for helping us to complete another successful month of animal care and rescue around the world. You make everything we do possible!

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