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The year has only just begun, yet already we have come to the aid of thousands of animals in need around the globe. Here’s how your donations have made a life-changing impact this month.

South Africa

In January, we were offered an extraordinary, once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to feed 2,558 starving street dogs in South Africa at greatly a reduced cost – just $13 (£10) each per month! Last November, a massive truck carrying 30 tons of top-quality dog food overturned on a road near Malmesbury in South Africa. The food was recovered, taken to a warehouse and properly stored – but ultimately, it never ended up at supermarkets and vets because of an insurance dispute. We were contacted because the food was approaching its sell-by date and it had become too late for commercial resale. We knew we had to jump on this opportunity, but to reach our goal, we needed the support of as many animal lovers as possible. We reached out to our supporters, and we have great news: with your help, we were able to raise the funds to buy all 30 tons of top-quality dog food. The nutritious food is on its way to all 2,558 dogs, and they will have full bellies for the next three months. Please stay tuned for a video the team is putting together to show how your donation has made a life-changing difference to a hungry dog!


Nikšić, Montenegro

An outbreak of canine parvovirus in Nikšić, Montenegro, threatened the lives of the dogs living at the city’s municipal shelter. This serious, highly contagious disease kills around 91% of dogs who get it. The dogs living at this shelter are dogs our supporters helped us save – dogs rescued from abominable lives of abuse, neglect and severe hardship. We urgently needed to create a quarantine area to treat the ill while protecting the healthy. We reached out to our supporters for help in raising enough money to create this quarantine area, as well as treat the dogs at the shelter. Thanks to your donations, we were able to do just that, and your compassion has enabled us to help spare the lives of many of the dogs at the Nikšić shelter.


Athens, Greece

There are an estimated 2,000 ‘ghost dogs’ in the impoverished, semi-rural area of Aspropyrgos near Athens, a place where Athenians dump dogs they no longer want. From puppies to the sick and injured, these animals are callously discarded and left to fend for themselves when they are no longer convenient to be kept as pets. Those who manage to survive become ‘ghost dogs’ – so afraid of humans and bereft of hope that they come and go like ghosts. We have long supported our partner in the region, Ghost Dogs of Aspropyrgos, in feeding, treating and caring for these poor animals. Abandoned ghost dogs have rough lives, but with the help of animal lovers like you, we are able to give them a little bit of comfort, enough food to survive, and a small glimmer of hope. Thank you for continuing to support our work in Aspropyrgos – we are literally a lifeline for thousands of dogs.

Bela-Bela, South Africa

Baby donkey Mafuza was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle and left to fend for himself with a seeping, bloody, maggot-infested wound. Thankfully, he was found by our team on the ground in Bela-Bela, South Africa, and immediately rushed to our safe haven at the Have a Heart Equine Foundation (HAHES). We shared his story with you, and you were as appalled as we were. Through your generous donations, we were able to ensure Mafuza received the urgent, life-saving care that he needed. We are pleased to report that Mafuza is healing well, and that the perpetrator was found, apprehended, and charged for the crime earlier this month.


Latest news

How you’ve helped the working donkeys of Bela-Bela, South Africa

Your donations have helped improve the lives and ease the load of working donkeys in rural South African townships, thanks to comfortable, custom-made harnesses we recently delivered along with our partners. Read more and here.


In December, we told you about Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Mauritius, which faced imminent closure. If it had been unable to find a new shelter by January 20, the animals would have been taken by the local municipality and killed. We reached out to our supporters and the great news is that, thanks to your endless compassion, we were able to raise the funds required to get the animals to safety. A location for a new shelter has been identified and the animals are currently in a safe, temporary location while the shelter is being built. We will keep you updated on its progress. Thank you for being a lifeline to 167 helpless dogs and cats!


A friend in need is a friend in-feed!

A Facebook fundraiser is a powerful way to help raise money for animals while spreading our important, life-saving message. Setting up a fundraiser is really simple and makes it easy for your Facebook friends to donate to a cause close to your heart. Some people set up Facebook fundraisers for their birthdays or other significant milestones, or to help raise money for specific NFA appeals. Click here to set up your Facebook fundraiser or to learn more.


Honoring Betty White’s 100th birthday!

It was a bittersweet New Year’s Eve celebration as the world lost legendary actor and lifelong animal welfare icon, Betty White, who died at the age of 99. On January 17, in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday, loyal Betty White fans and devoted animal lovers alike donated to animals as a way of acknowledging her life and unwavering love for animals. Thank you for donating to Network for Animals in Betty’s honor. Just like her, we will never stop fighting for the animals we love.


As always, it is thanks to your donations that we're able to provide help and a glimpse of hope for animals in need around the world. Thank you for being a friend to NFA and thank you for being a friend to the animals. We wouldn't be where we are without you - and neither would they.

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