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As the war in Ukraine rages on, Network for Animals continues its hard work to provide help to animals there and around the globe.

Here’s how your donations made a difference for animals in May 2022:

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Highly trained service dogs in war zone found starving to death… We are feeding them

We were contacted by a distressed prison manager who pleaded with us to send emergency aid to 24 abandoned service dogs in the heavily bombarded region of Kharkiv. The skin-and-bone animals were found locked in their enclosures and utterly ravenous. To make matters worse, prices were soaring, and pet food supplies had all but dried up, leaving these helpless creatures in grave danger of death by starvation.

The dogs need 1,300 pounds (600 kilograms) of food every month to survive. Thanks to your open-handed donations, along with our close partnership with pet food manufacturer Vetmarket Plurition, NFA has been able to rush life-saving food to these service dogs and continues.


Donbas region, Ukraine

A perilous mission to feed and save dogs and cats in Ukraine

Our team embarked on a life-threatening journey into the hellish region of the Donbas to conduct a vital feeding and rescue mission for abandoned dogs and cats. Very few dare to travel there, but we had no option because the need is so great for a multitude of suffering creatures left trapped in the very center of the warzone. We fitted our team with bullet-proof vests and created a small convoy with a backup escape vehicle. Mission Not Impossible! We successfully delivered 10 tons (10,000 kilograms) of critically needed pet food to the Donbas region’s voiceless victims of this atrocious war.


Roatan, Honduras

Street animals being routinely rounded up and killed

While communication with our supporters over the past few months has centered around Ukraine, Network for Animals is still hard at work around the globe. In Roatan, a popular island paradise off the northern coast of Honduras, we uncovered yet another shocking instance of animal cruelty. Here, unwanted street animals are considered “pests,” and the “solution” is to murder them. Roatan Rescue, a shelter and veterinary clinic, does its best to protect and care for street dogs. But it is struggling to make ends meet amidst costly legal battles with the local community, which is pushing for the shelter to be shut down. If this happens, 600 animals would be thrown onto the streets and left to die. To keep the animals alive until justice takes its course, we have agreed to finance pet food for Roatan Rescue. Thanks to your generosity, these innocent creatures will remain well-fed while their loyal guardians fight to save their home.

Montevideo, Uruguay - APA El Refugio

In February, we told you the tragic story of APA El Refugio, our partner shelter in Uruguay, that was destroyed by a terrible fire, soon followed by a devastating flood. Tragically, several animals including elderly and disabled dogs fell victim to the flames, and the shelter lost crucial supplies, kennels and pet food. Thanks to your support, we were able to help give the traumatized surviving animals a second chance. Your donations went towards the repair of dog kennels and leaky roofs and the purchase of new kennels. That’s not all - some especially heart-warming news is that one of the shelter dogs, Mate, was recently adopted and is currently en route to his new home in California!

Cape Town, South Africa - TEARS

A few months ago, we came across a tiny puppy called Blackie. She was just seven weeks old when she was rescued from the streets of the derelict South African township of Phillipi by our partner TEARS. Blackie was emaciated, quivering in fear and covered in ticks. She was so very sick and frail that vets thought she would die.

Thankfully, they were wrong… the NFA team has followed her journey and it had a much happier ending than we could have ever imagined. Little Blackie is now “Eva” and has been adopted. Eva’s story is a testament to the tireless work of our partners and the unfaltering support from NFA’s donors. Your continued compassion means that we can provide happily fur-ever-after homes to countless animals like Eva - all over the world. Watch and share Eva’s touching tale here.


Hugs In England

Six miniature Shetland ponies, a moorland pony and a donkey faced death when the woman who looked after them became too frail to continue their care. This meant that all eight were going to be killed.

Igor, a tiny white pony who is just the size of a large dog probably suffers from dwarfism. Igor needs a full investigation and some specialist care. Others are still so terrified that they cower at the rear of their stalls or skitter away when humans come near. Your donations are helping them to get the treatment they need and to feel safe, happy and healthy.


As always, these life-changing, life-saving campaigns are made possible by your kind and generous donations. Thank you for continuing to support our work so that we may fight to help every precious life possible.

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