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With animals in crisis all over the world, October was another important month for the Network for Animals (NFA) team. Here’s how we put your donations to use this October:

Brian Davies Award Winners 2021

Each year, NFA awards the Brian Davies Award to three organizations that do outstanding work in the field of animal welfare. The award is named after NFA founder Brian Davies, a pioneer of modern animal welfare campaigning, and serves to recognize those courageous people who devote their lives to animals in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

“It has been incredibly difficult to select just three winners, as every organization we work with is going above and beyond to help animals in need,” said Gloria Davies, chief executive of Network for Animals. “There are so many worthy contenders, and we are honored to work with each and every one of these wonderful partners.”

This year, the Brian Davies Gold Award winner is the Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary (HAHES), a significant force for equine rescue, care and rehabilitation in rural parts of South Africa, led by former policeman Marc Ward. The Brian Davies Silver Award winners are the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS) in Israel, for its excellent work in rescuing and caring for donkeys in very challenging situations, and the Fiona Animal Refuge (FAR) in Hidalgo, Mexico, which works tirelessly to reduce overpopulation and animal abuse in the region. Congratulations to our worthy winners


Kolasin, Montenegro

Danijela Vuksanovic cares for 140 discarded dogs near Kolasin in Montenegro - and she is suffering from advanced cancer. In desperation, she reached out to NFA - not only had she run out of money to support the street dogs in her care (the municipality offers her NO help!), but she was terrified that the animals would be sent to kill shelters if she died. We shared her awful plight with our supporters, and you donated generously. We also met with the Montenegrin authorities, who finally agreed to provide a little food for the dogs and have said they won’t kill the animals if Danijela dies. We’re still working hard to raise enough money to provide sufficient food to the animals as well as adequate shelter - something the animals urgently need as the harsh winter sets in. We’ll continue to closely monitor the situation to ensure the authorities keep their word. If you’d like to donate towards these desperately needy animals, click here.


West Bank, Israel

Our partner in Israel, the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS), was recently alerted to a horrific act of abuse made even more shocking by the fact that it was meted out by children. A baby donkey had been torn from his mother’s side, tied up, dragged along gravel roads, and left broken, bleeding and crying for his mother in the desert sun. It was so bad that everyone involved was left shaken and heartbroken. The foal, now named Dash, was immediately rushed to the SOS clinic for life-saving treatment. Straight away, we launched an urgent appeal. The foal’s life hung in the balance, and we needed to do everything we could to save his life, as well as try to track down his mother and reunite them. You donated generously to Dash’s survival, allowing him to experience human compassion for the first time. Your donations also enabled us to fund a search-and-rescue mission for his mother, and we’re thrilled to report that this week, SOS managed to find her and reunite them. We’re continuing to raise money for Dash’s ongoing treatment and rehabilitation so that this sweet foal may have the second chance he deserves – donate now.


Aqaba, Jordan

Pepe the dog was found in a bloodied heap back in November 2020 after someone tied him to their car and dragged him behind the moving vehicle. No one knew whether he’d survive – much less walk again. Today, Pepe is a miracle dog who lived to tell a remarkable ‘tail’ of perseverance - and he has also found his permanent home in Norfolk, England! Pepe’s parents, John and Gwen, are thrilled with the new addition to their family. “There are so many dogs (who) need help throughout the world. Some are in such terrible conditions, and it just takes a little bit of love and a little bit of effort, and it’s so worthwhile and rewarding. It’s something that anybody can do, with just a little bit of effort and love,” says John. A massive thank you to John and Gwen for adopting Pepe, and to the wonderful staff at the Al Rabee Society for Nature and Animal Protection, led by Rodica Toma Athamneh, for working around the clock, with so much love and dedication, to get precious Pepe back on his feet.


Los Cabos, Mexico

The Los Cabos Humane Society (LCHS) in Mexico is in crisis: each day, they receive animals who have been burned, beaten, butchered, starved or simply abandoned by their humans. LCHS has been overflowing with cases since COVID hit, yet their donations have plummeted by 75%, bringing them to the brink of closure. We shared their story with our supporters, and you were moved to help. Thanks to your donations, we will be able to help provide food to their desperately needy animals, and importantly, spay and neuter them. This is the most effective way to help reduce cases of abuse and prevent as many animals as possible from being born into this hellish life. Thank you for your kindness in supporting the LCHS and the helpless animals of Los Cabos.


Harare, Zimbabwe

When a cruel hotel manager in Harare threatened to poison the cat colony living in the hotel’s parking lot, one woman stepped in to save their lives. Now, Valda Cohen feeds and cares for over 80 cats in her own home - cats who would otherwise be dead. As a pensioner with limited funds, it was becoming increasingly difficult to care for them on her own. She reached out to us for help, and we were glad to assist. You helped us provide funds for food, treatment and sterilizations. Our long-term plan is to try to home as many of the cats as possible, and ultimately set up a field hospital for cats in the region.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

The NFA team has seen many sad and maddening things over the years and the Zarkovica shelter in Dubrovnik is a good example. Here, the animals are supported by a single woman, Sandra Sambrailo, who has, for years, been promised proper support by the authorities. It has never come. There is no water, no electricity and no real shelter for the hundreds of animals here. They lie listlessly in the dirt in baking heat (and freeze in icy winter temperatures) - the authorities keep promising to help but the situation remains the same, and if they won’t help, we can’t walk away and do nothing. We appealed to you for help, and again, you showed your endless compassion, donating generously to help these poor creatures. Thanks to you, we’ll be able to help provide food and better shelter to the dogs, bringing a little more happiness to their dreary lives.


As always, it is thanks to your donations that we're able to provide help and a glimpse of hope for animals in need around the world. Thank you for being a friend to NFA and thank you for being a friend to the animals. We wouldn't be where we are without you - and neither would they.

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