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Recently, through our Gloria’s Acts of Kindness program, we helped contribute towards the care and sterilization of 500 street cats in Dubai. Dubai is known for its poor treatment of street animals, and these cats were in really desperate need of our help.

With the support of a kind-hearted volunteer on the ground, Helena Mav, so many cats are being given the care they urgently need. Here are just a few of the little faces we were able to help her treat, thanks to your support:


Bella was kicked in the face and needed an eye removed. She has been rehomed to the UK. Holly had a chemical burn to her head and face. She is now receiving treatment.

Muffin and Milo are blind siblings who were rescued from the streets and are now living in a loving home. Otto, also rescued off the streets, was blind in one eye and in need of urgent treatment. He is now also living in a loving forever home in the UK.


Every time you donate, you help to support our critical causes and our Gloria’s Acts of Kindness program, which aims to provide relief to animals who would otherwise continue to suffer on the streets. Please keep supporting our work!

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