Surely, you’ve been watching the news. It’s shocking!
The UNTHINKABLE is descending upon Florida!

URGENT! DEADLY Hurricane Ian makes landfall! Animals need HELP! 1

As we write these words, terrifying Hurricane Ian has made landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast. This is an apocalyptic near Category 5 hurricane, the worst in a century to strike Florida and one of the five worst-ever in US history. It is beyond frightening to even imagine the destruction and how many animals will be left stranded.

This is why we are contacting you so urgently today.
To help them, we need YOU!

URGENT! DEADLY Hurricane Ian makes landfall! Animals need HELP! 2
Image: Dylan Federico_Twitter

We have been this route before, many times. We have the experience!
We will help them! But again, and most URGENTLY, we need YOU. We need you RIGHT NOW!

Indeed, in an eerily similar situation, we spent two months helping dogs and cats, and farm animals in the Homestead, Florida, area after Hurricane Andrew literally wiped the community off the map in1992.

It was NFA supporters like you who helped us fund the Houston SPCA in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey (and Laura). During and after just Harvey, they took in more than 2,300 terror-struck horses, dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

URGENT! DEADLY Hurricane Ian makes landfall! Animals need HELP! 3
Image: CrystalMarie_Facebook


Please donate right now, and we promise to distribute the funds to the most qualified and well-positioned rescue organizations on the ground to support as the storm moves from the Gulf Coast and across the state, and north. We will ACT immediately and promise to keep you updated on our progress.

Please, if you possibly can, help us support their rescue and care with your URGENT DONATION, right now!

URGENT! DEADLY Hurricane Ian makes landfall! Animals need HELP! 4
Image: Shields of Strength

The animals who will be trapped in Hurricane Ian’s destructive wake and the rescuers NEED YOU!

Please keep the people and animals of the State of Florida in your thoughts and your heart in the coming days. And please – whatever feels right to you – RUSH your compassionate donation for the animals now!

For the animals,

Broken promises and OUTRIGHT LIES leave street dogs in PERIL! 7

Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. We are sure you appreciate that we have no option but to urgently appeal to your generosity. Helping animals is our reason for being, and the animals in Florida desperately need to be able to count on us. The more resources we can rush, the more lives you’ll save. Any amount you can donate now will save desperate animals and rescuers in this terrible, terrible crisis. Please be as generous as you possibly can!


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