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Last year we told you about the horrifying Chinese-led donkey genocide in South Africa and one man’s fight to save as many as he could.

Donkeys are being wiped out because of insatiable Chinese demand for their skins. There are 44 million donkeys in the world, the Chinese want 10 million a year to use their skins in phony ejiao ‘medicine.’

In South Africa, Jonno Sherwin saved 236 donkeys by outbidding Chinese, who would have brutally slaughtered them all. But Jonno is struggling to feed and care for them all. Without our help, he would have no choice but to euthanise 50 donkeys.

Thanks to donations from animal lovers like you, we were able to help Jonno financially. We paid for food and veterinary care while Jonno is finding homes for all of them. With your help, we will save them all.

The bad news is that the fight just got even tougher. The donkey DOOMSDAY CLOCK is ticking because the evil trade is spreading to other African countries.

The Chinese are now slaughtering thousands of donkeys every month in Kenya!

Incredibly, the Kenyan government encourages donkey genocide by permitting their slaughter. There are now three donkey slaughter houses in Kenya and what we found in one chilled us to the bone.

In one slaughter house alone 2,000 donkeys a month are stunned, skinned and sent to China!

Our video shows exactly what happens when a gentle donkey falls victim to the China trade. The video is tough to view, but we urge you to grit your teeth and watch it, because animal lovers like you are the only ones who can save donkeys and you need to see what we face in our battle to end the cruelty.

In Kenya, we are supporting the Kenyan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KSPCA) who are fighting the trade, running donkey search and rescue missions and providing sanctuary for abused animals.

We will continue our fight to stop this horrific donkey genocide, but we can only do so if you and animal lovers like you donate to help us. Please if you possibly can, make a generous donation today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. It breaks our hearts to tell you that in many African countries, the donkeys are illegally slaughtered in hidden execution sites. Often, they are still alive when they are skinned. Please donate today if you possibly can to help us fight this monstrous cruelty.

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