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With a little over a week until Giving Tuesday, we’re continuing our 5-part email series that gives thanks for YOU as a generous friend to NFA, by sharing TWO happy endings that would never be unfolding at all, if not for you. If you can, please continue to support our work today.

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Across the Adriatic Sea from Italy lie the countries of Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is here where the power of your love is fighting for “throwaway” animals like three-legged Ljupče, a dog so traumatized all her fur was gone...


There are some sights that move you so deeply, you NEVER FORGET THEM - and when our team saw the heart-rending situation of street dogs in the Bosnian town of Trebinje, words failed us.

In Trebinje, dogs like Ljupče are considered vermin.

The poor creatures unlucky enough to be captured by the municipal dog catcher find themselves chucked on top of a garbage dump in a remote area and into a LIFE OF HELL!


Living conditions are so bad that between 70 and 90 percent of the puppies taken there die almost immediately. Yet 70 dogs were hanging in there, and Ljupče was one... hopelessly waiting day after day for human love that never came.

IMMEDIATELY, we turned to you.

And IMMEDIATELY, your urgent support launched plans to save Trebinje’s “throwaway dogs”... to rescue, rehabilitate and care for Ljupče... and to begin to build a proper shelter.


We have a long road ahead, and your help is always needed whenever you can donate, but we are so, so grateful to you for getting us this far.
One day, hopefully soon, Ljupče and her friends will never have to worry again.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

In much the same way, your love for animals and support of NFA is working tirelessly to end SIX YEARS of uncertainty for the animals of Žarkovica shelter in Croatia...


Žarkovica is the ONLY refuge in Dubrovnik, Croatia, for sick, unwanted, and unloved street animals - dumped because they are old, ailing, or no longer wanted by their owners.

For SIX YEARS while the city dragged its feet and broke its promises, Žarkovica shelter - and the quality of life for the street dogs who called the shelter ‘home’ - deteriorated.


And for SIX YEARS, you never left the sides of the dogs, cats and other animals there. YOU helped supply food and care when no one else would.

As you know, the patience of the national government has run out. Despite the city now having plans AND land to build another shelter, Žarkovica will be closed.


We have managed to relocate 206 of the dogs but have pleaded for more time to relocate the remaining sick, frail and elderly dogs so they won’t be euthanized. We are still racing the clock. With you beside us, we won’t give up on even a single animal - and we will update you the SECOND we know more.

There is no way we can ever thank you enough, for
staying beside the animals in these two incredibly tough and heartbreaking situations
in Trebinje, Bosnia, and at Zarkovica in Croatia.


Because not every rescue story buttons up quickly, and some take years.
But knowing you are there, no matter how long it takes, means SO MUCH.

Whether you donate now for Giving Tuesday or any other time, our ability to
rescue, rehabilitate and FIGHT for the animals would be impossible without you.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Thank you, for your faith and your trust. Today, this month, and always.

You have our promise that we will NEVER let the animals down. We’re so grateful for the NFA family like you, who care so deeply for suffering animals and support our work to relieve their pain.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Your kind donation is never required (of course!) but is ALWAYS essential, no matter how large or small, to keep fighting for animals like three-legged Ljupče in Trebinje, and the animals of Žarkovica shelter in Croatia. EVERY life matters, and we thank you with all our hearts for caring for the animals as deeply as we do.

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