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Here is the simple shocking truth: In the South African city of Cape Town, there are 300,000 street dogs who need our help.


That staggering number is the official figure, but we believe it is an underestimate and that the true figure could be closer to HALF A MILLION homeless dogs! These are dogs that most tourists never see because they grub out an existence in the sprawling, shanty towns. They are there like a shameful shadow, blotting the image of one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

On one morning in an area called Mitchells Plain, this is what we found:

  • Unsterilized dogs with agonizing, untreated sexually transmitted diseases
  • Brutally beaten dogs
  • Dogs collapsed from injuries caused in illegal dog fights
  • Countless dogs with mange, fleas and ticks
  • Emaciated dogs collapsed from hunger
  • Abused dogs on short chains with no food or water
  • Fearful dogs made vicious by constant cruelty
  • Dogs suffering from untreated cancer
  • And perhaps most sadly, basketfuls of abandoned puppies!

Network for Animals and our partners are on the streets helping street dogs every single day. We have brave and noble partners like TEARS, Fallen Angels and the saintly Shaygam Newman, a one-man band who is fighting for dogs in the Hangberg slum. Together with these organizations, we conduct search and rescue missions, spay and neuter street dogs, give them refuge in animal shelters, and help find them forever homes.

We, together with YOU, are the only hope for countless suffering dogs!

Our policy is to tackle the problem - one slum at a time. South Africa’s economy is in terrible trouble and the shanty town people can barely feed themselves, let alone care for animals. We and our partners are the only hope the animals have.

We desperately need your help to do even more.

On that one morning, we rescued every dog we could, we conducted impromptu roadside clinics and we educated people about the proper care of animals. As an animal-lover, I don’t need to tell you how harrowing we find this work, but it must be done and we really, really need your help to do more. Please, if you possibly can, donate generously to Network for Animals today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. It breaks my heart to think of the dogs we are not yet able to help because we do not have the resources. Please know that if you donate today, it will mean less suffering for dogs who so badly need our help. What you give SAVES LIVES!

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