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There is a tragic situation unfolding in the city of Cagayan de Oro on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

Hundreds of stray street dogs have no one in the world to care for them. Food and fresh water are scarce.

Left to fend for themselves, they struggle daily to survive…
and, that isn’t the half of it.

Routinely, these poor animals are rounded up and taken to the city pound. They wait in cages. They are given just 72 hours on Death Row. Few are ever claimed. We know all too well the fates of the rest...

Every month right up until the supply of deadly chemical runs out, the “unwanted,” unclaimed dogs are euthanized. KILLED!

Year after year, dogs who could have had a home – never to get a chance at love, or a full belly, or a life free from sickness and fear, starvation and near certain death. These doomed friends are never united with waiting, loving families.

Network for Animals is committed to righting this terrible injustice!

The good news is that after months of study and planning and meetings with local officials and even though we did not have enough money (we felt confident we could count on you for help,) we agreed to help pay for the construction of a model sanctuary, the first of its kind in Mindanao.

The even better news is that sanctuary has already begun taking in dogs! Lives are being saved!

But we still need your help.

Only with your kind and generous donation today, can we pay for the sanctuary and ensure that dogs who would have ended up dead will be fed, cared for, and given safe haven until they are found a lifeline of love with forever families.

Our partner is the Cagayan de Oro Animal Rescue (CAR), a dedicated, well-run, and hardworking group you’d be proud to help.

But, the group has been doing everything with their own money. In addition to your help to underwrite the cost of the sanctuary, we would love to be able to send extra funds when needed for dog food and medicine.

You can see by the photos how much help these forsaken animals need before they are ready for adoption. Some are starving when they are rescued, all need veterinary care and sterilization.

The bottom line: we have to keep the shelter running or more dogs will die.

Please will you help to underwrite this amazing, life-affirming sheltering project – including a dedicated fostering network – for Mindinao’s street dogs?
The dogs will be so grateful for the love and kindness you send!

The most urgent step is to get the sanctuary fully operational and help the dogs.

The cost to care for one dog is just $14 a month.

If you’ve traveled abroad, you’ve seen the shocking life of street dogs.
This is something you can do, right now, that will save hundreds of them every year.

Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated – by all of us here at NFA and, most of all, by every dog who will get a new life of love and joy thanks to you.

Please give as generously as you can to help the dogs. Thank you with all our hearts.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Last year, hundreds of street dogs were put to death in Cagayan de Oro. Please help us support the new sanctuary and encourage the construction of others with your generous donation now. You will ensure that up to 120 rescued dogs at a time receive safe shelter and care, plus maintain a foster network for even greater impact. This inflow and outflow will mean better lives for hundreds and hundreds of dogs every year on the island of Mindanao!

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