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The Australian bushfires continue to be horrific and apocalyptic. We have been stretched to our limit rescuing and bringing relief to as many animals as possible.

But we are now stretching even further! Simultaneously, we are in the thick of two unprecedented natural disasters! We URGENTLY need your help today!

Taal volcano in the Philippines is creating another hellscape for animals, including roiling, deadly ash clouds.


And now there are earthquakes

The ash cloud is speeding across the landscape, descending on everything in its path. It is choking out life and daylight in what’s been called an “ominous darkness.”

Please, the animals in Taal’s path are in mortal danger! As stretched as we already are saving the bushfire animals, we must (and ARE) helping in the Philippines and urgently need your support to save lives!


Your donation, as generous as you can now, will deliver food, and water, and rescue crews deep into the ash fallout zones to help the animals in the hours, days, and weeks ahead.

Already our team is in the area – inside the dangerous exclusion zone - with masks and water to keep the constant curtain of volcanic ash off their vehicle windshield. We have dispatched a convoy of three vehicles to rescue abandoned dogs and cats. We are providing food and fresh water – on the spot.

Our team is unnerved by constant earthquake tremors as they go about their lifesaving work for stranded dogs, cats and farm animals – more than 200 in the past several hours.

As a throng of people evacuates by them in the opposite direction, more scenes of animals covered in muddy ash appear. Dazed and wandering in this “grey-scape.” Exhausted. Left behind. Or separated from their families who love them.

In one news story, an evacuee reported “ash up to our knees.”

Seismologists are warning that Taal could fully erupt at ANY time! We MUST get to as many animals as possible now, before the worst happens!


We know we’ve reached out to you so many times recently, in the face of what feels like unrelenting disaster for the animals. But the animals need us!

Please, whatever you can afford... whatever feels generous... these sweet faces, their little bodies caked with heavy ash as they search for water and food and a friendly face... they need YOU.

Right now, if you possibly can, please rush the most generous gift you are able to save helpless animals caught in Taal’s path. Please. Together we WILL fight with all our strength to lift them from the ashes!

Thank you, today and always, for whatever you can give. We ALWAYS PUT THE ANIMALS FIRST and without you we’d be lost.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Please, before there is a full volcanic eruption, rush your donation to help. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for caring!

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