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In Bethlehem, Palestine, many local people consider dogs pests, which means street dogs endure a hardscrabble existence, surviving on scraps while suffering from starvation, disease, and abuse.

Most street dogs don't stand a chance under these hostile conditions and die premature deaths after lives of misery.

To help, we have secured lovely, warm homes for 10 lucky dogs. Now all we have to do is get them from Palestine to safety in the USA. Their spots are booked; all they need is YOUR generosity to make it happen.


Credit: AEA

These animals were rescued from terrible abuse by our partner, the Animal and Environment Association (AEA), and found a haven at the shelter, only to have their newfound safety shattered by the ravages of war.

We have been helping animals in Palestine for the past four years. Our long-standing partner, the AEA, is the only animal shelter in the West Bank, and is being overwhelmed by unwanted, sick and starving cats and dogs - 130 at the last count.

10 dogs must URGENTLY be transported, so we can save more!

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Credit: NFA/Luke Barritt

Because of the war, it has become extremely difficult and expensive to provide food and care for all the dogs at the sanctuary, and moving dogs to new homes in the USA is a lucky break.

We have a plan to ease pressure on the shelter and bring hope to 10 of these animals, whisking them away from the chaos of the war zone and to safety in the United States.


Caption: AEA

The CLOCK IS TICKING! Every passing moment diminishes our window of opportunity to get the animals OUT.

We have secured a flight for 10 rescued street dogs from war-torn Palestine to the safety of their new forever home in the US! Please, will you help us get them there?

Our team has secured a flight, but there are still several other expenses to cover and the plane leaves NEXT WEEK! With the deadline to move the dogs just days away, we must move as quickly as possible to cover the outstanding costs.

If we can raise $5,000 (£3,970), we can cover the shortfall for the transportation costs to move the 10 rescued dogs AND secure critically needed crates, collars, leashes, blankets, food and bowls. We really, really, need your help to ensure the success of this relocation – please donate right away!

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Credit: NFA/Vic Dobry

Your support today could be the animals’ last and only chance at a new life - a safe and happy future in the United States, free from crippling hunger, disease, abuse and the horrors of war.

So please, help us give 10 suffering street dogs in Palestine the second chance they SO desperately deserve by donating generously to Network for Animals today.

For the Animals,

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Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)


Network for Animals

P.S. Amid the heartbreak of war, it’s easy for the plight of animals to be overlooked. But not by us; not by YOU! Join us in showing the animals of Palestine that they are NOT forgotten. Please donate right now and help us bring 10 war victim animals to safety!

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