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The story we are about to tell you is a testimony to a mother’s love. It also underscores how vital your support is to Networks for Animals’ non-stop work to come to the aid of animals in desperate need.

Michelle had given birth to seven babies in a poor South African township called Langa, a place so dangerous because of gangsters that we usually dare not go there. We have the bullet hole in our vehicle to prove it.

In this case, we had to take the risk, because it was a matter of life or death for a mother and her seven puppies. Nasty children had teased the pups’ mother and stabbed the pups with pointed sticks. When the pups hid under an abandoned couch for protection, the children set the couch on FIRE, causing the pups to be hideously burned.

Scorching, hot melting plastic dripped onto the pups searing their skin.

Incredibly, the mother faced the flames and bravely pulled each of her puppies to safety, becoming severely burnt while doing so.

When we arrived, the puppies were squealing in pain, and one puppy, who had particularly bad burns, was in severe shock.

We rushed them all to a vet, who tried his very best, but sadly one pup died of her injuries. Another puppy fought bravely for her life and thankfully pulled through: we named her Brenda.

Brenda will never have another day’s unhappiness because one of our team fell in love with her and adopted her. The others will join 380 other dogs that depend on the generous support of animal lovers like you for their very lives.

Hideous cruelty like burning pups alive for fun is what our team faces every single day.
It’s why your support is so critical to our lifesaving work.

Every dog at Fallen Angels’ shelter owes their life to you and other kind people like you. Life for dogs in South Africa’s townships is nasty, brutish and short. Most people are too poor to care for dogs and very few know how to care for animals. We teach kindness, provide food and care for their animals and help dogs in any other way we can.

The burning hell that Michelle and her pups went through is not an isolated case.

Abominable cruelty like this takes place all the time. We help rescue dogs by sending out search and rescue missions to desperately poor and dangerous places. Every one of them needs medical care, food, shelter and love. It’s only because of people like you, that we can give it to them.

Please if you possibly can, give generously to Network for Animals today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Of the six surviving puppies, two have now been adopted. The others are safely with Fallen Angels and are recovering well from their ordeal. Please, a donation from you would really help Network for Animals do even more for other dogs in terrible situations.

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