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Today, we are saddened to share the news that our founder, world-renowned animal activist Brian Davies, has died at the age of 87 following a long illness. Brian died peacefully in his sleep on December 27, 2022, having built both Network For Animals (NFA) and Animal Survival International (ASI) into major organizations with 70 projects worldwide.

Brian was an iconic figure in animal welfare, pioneering innovative campaigns to help animals and bring them succor around the world. Thanks to Brian, through Network for Animals, dogs, cats, donkeys and many other creatures in 26 countries have food, care and a compassionate voice fighting to improve their lives. Through NFA’s sister organization Animal Survival International (ASI), wild animals from pangolins to elephants have better lives.


As an activist, Davies was formidable, fearless, wily, canny and utterly determined. During his legendary campaign against Canadian sealing, he was jailed for defying a government ban on flying to the Canadian ice to witness the cull, survived an apparent assassination attempt, and had so many death threats he left Canada and moved to the US. Eventually, Brian won when the European Union banned the import of baby seal pelts in 1987.


Brian also played a pivotal role in the banning of fox hunting in England when in 1996 he controversially donated £1 million to the British Labour Party, believing that if Tony Blair won the 1997 general election, he would ban hunting with hounds. Blair indeed won, and anti-hunting legislation was passed. At the time, it was the largest single political donation in Britain’s history.

Brian never forgot his debt to NFA and ASI supporters, interacting personally with as many as he could until his increasing frailty made doing so impossible. Brian struggled with ill-health in his later years, but he never lost his zest for life, his love for animals, or his wicked sense of humor.


Brian’s wife, Gloria, will continue his work along with a dedicated team who will honor his legacy by continuing the crusade for animals in crisis around the world. Right now, we are helping animals in Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mexico, Montenegro, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, the US, Ukraine, Uruguay and Zimbabwe.

Brian would be proud, but urge us on to do much, much more. We will try Brian, we promise.

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For the animals,


David Barritt
Executive Director
Network for Animals

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