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I wish I were coming to you today with better news.

But as a treasured and vital part of our Network for Animals family, I must tell you…

Brian Davies - our founder and fearless defender of
the animals you love so much - has passed away.


Brian died peacefully in his sleep.

His beloved wife, Gloria, was at his side. He was 87.

I know your heart will be heavy with this news.

Kind animal lovers like yourself have asked where they can send flowers.

But I can hear Brian’s voice saying - please, no flowers. Only gifts for the animals.

And so, I ask you…

Please, will you donate today and fight on for the animals who so desperately need a protector like you in this world?

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

You’re one of those rare and precious people, like Brian, who refuse to look away from suffering animals.

For Brian, it all began on the savage ice plains of Canada...

... when he looked into the desperate, pleading black eyes of a baby seal skinned alive by a callous hunter.

In that moment, more than half a century ago, Brian felt duty-bound never to be silent…

How could you be when that little seal had no voice of her own?

In Brian, the animals have lost a devoted friend. It’s true. But they have you.

They have us, together...

...this network of caring hearts across the world, united by the guiding principle that the lives of animals matter - from the smallest bee to the biggest bear - their lives are worth fighting for, every last one.

And if not us, if not you, then who?


So please, light a candle for Brian tonight. And then, with all the love your heart can hold for the animals, say you’ll fight on with us…

  • for the starving street dogs and cats struggling to survive the winter.
  • for the gentle donkeys, bludgeoned and beaten for their skins.
  • for the horses forced to fight.
  • for the kittens and puppies facing massacre.
  • for Brian.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please, will you donate today - as generously as you can possibly can, right now, and help continue Brian’s fight for every precious animal’s life?

With sadness and hope,


David Barritt
Executive Director
Network for Animals

P.S. What would the animals want me to do? This was the question Brian always asked himself.

There are many in this world who profit from the cruelty inflicted on animals. There are many more who are indifferent to the terror and pain they feel. But, like Brian, you see the pain in their eyes. You hear their cries. And you refuse to turn away.

What would the animals want you to do?

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