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This is an urgent international request for help, for all NFA supporters and friends:

If you care about cats, and we mean REALLY, TRULY love cats, we need whatever immediate and generous support you can give for cats now.

FOUR life-or-death situations are unfolding right now for stray cats AND kittens, fighting to survive on the streets of Ithaca and Kefalonia in Greece... Cape Town, South Africa... Paciano, Italy... and deep inside the radioactive fallout zone near Fukushima, Japan.

Any amount you can donate now will enable us to continue to provide urgently needed cat food, humane spay/neuter procedures, and emergency medical treatments that will save cats’ lives.

For the past handful of years, Network for Animals has been quietly helping street cats on the Greek island of Ithaca, and in the area around Fiscardo on the neighboring island of Kefalonia.

As summer draws to a close, our hearts grow increasingly desperate. The tourists that flock to the islands in fair weather, and feed the cats out of kindness, will begin to leave.

Starvation and disease then follow, striking the cats a slow and deadly blow!

As if that wasn’t gruesome enough, these poor creatures are often abused as they struggle to survive. Sweet Goldie, pictured here, was kicked so badly that it blinded her in one eye!

PLEASE give as generously as you can today to help us continue to send funds for cats and kittens. They should never be left to suffer and starve, and die, simply because they have no home!

Your loving donation will also help the heroic caregiver we support in Cape Town, South Africa.

You will be so proud to support her mission of mercy. This one-woman cat crusader runs a catch, spay, and release program in an industrial part of Cape Town that keeps cats and kittens from the horrific poisonings and killings that so often follow overpopulation.

You’ll also help cats in Italy.

In the town of Paciano, where olive trees dot the picturesque landscape, dozens of cats rely on a tireless caregiver’s daily visits for their very survival!

With your help, now this wonderful colony of Italian cats will continue to receive NFA grants that fund food, veterinary visits as needed, and of course, spay/neuter procedures.

We can’t give up on these beautiful cats and kittens. Especially in the world’s far-flung places where they’d be left for dead! Including deep inside the radioactive zone of Fukushima, Japan...

If you’ve read this far, we KNOW you truly love cats. You would find a friend in Mieko Yoshida of Japan.

Now in her early 70s, Mieko found her way to us when we visited the no-go zone of the failed Fukushima nuclear plant.

Since the 2011 tsunami and meltdown there, this defender of forgotten felines has arranged the humane spay and neuter of 500 cats in toxic lands where travel is still all but forbidden!

Day after day, Mieko makes regular treks in high-radiation areas to refill cat feeding-stations. She also watches each colony, and at her own home, nurses dozens of cats who need extra help.

Without NFA, each of these cat colonies would have little chance. PLEASE will you donate as generously as you can now to help us help them?

We don’t know what we’d do if it wasn’t for supporters like you, whose love for all animals, including street cats and kittens, is so very deep.

It is only with your help now, that we can KEEP helping forgotten felines around the world. Please give now if you can and thank you with all our hearts!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

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