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Whenever Coby tried to stand up, he would immediately fall down again.

That’s how severely someone had broken him in a moment of casual, ugly indifference.

The special “splint” you see around his little leg is for support when he walks. But to truly heal from his agonizing ordeal, this brave sweet boy needs your support too.

Your urgent donation now will fund the intensive care that turns Coby’s sorrow to joy. You will make sure he is never again abandoned without the support of a friend.

Once you hear Coby’s tale, we know his care will be worth it to you.

Someone slammed into Coby with their car.
Then they cruelly – INTENTIONALLY! – drove away.

He faced this horror while he was already just skin and bones. Starving to death!

It has been this way since lockdown. As times get tough, owners are cruelly abandoning steadfast companions like Coby to the streets. Imagine!

Making the situation worse, many stores in the Philippines are still closed because of the corona lockdown. The places where these stray, suffering souls used to scavenge for food are now bare.

It’s one reason why your past support for NFA has been such a blessing to the animals now. Our staff in the Philippines are doing all they can to keep these friends alive, thanks to you.

But Coby’s case is so severe. He was badly injured when the hit and run driver smashed into him - and when the vet examined him, he found other problems. He has an enlarged heart and lung problems, and as Coby is a senior citizen, he has hearing problems too. Add to this balance, problems caused by the accident and he is a very sick dog. We are determined to save him and let him live out his golden years in peace and happiness.


We knew you wouldn’t let Coby suffer!
So, we had to let you know. FAST…

We can’t - we won’t - allow this innocent dog to ever experience even one more minute of pain or hunger or uncertainty!

Your donation today, large or small, will ensure Coby never again has to go without food... never again will his starving flesh stretch taut over hollow, hungry ribs. AND it will help other dogs (and cats) in similar situations.

Or if you could become a monthly supporter to NFA (just check the “recurring donation” box), you will bring love and desperately needed support to cast-off animals all year long, who have suffered too long without. All for less than a few cups of coffee!

The pandemic has taken a lot from everyone.
We know…

But Coby... sweet, sweet Coby... represents a moment of goodness and love and light that YOU can bring back to this shattered world, through your act of generosity today. And there are so many more just like him.

Please give generously if you can now. You are our heart and soul. You make all our lifesaving work possible.

Thank you for never turning your back on the animals. Thank you for believing abandoned dogs like Coby deserve a chance. And thank you for donating today if you can.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals


P.S. So great is their love for animals like Coby, that our staff in the Philippines have been putting out small feeding stations - even outside their own home - so stray dogs and cats they can’t yet rescue will not starve. Often, they use their own personal funds to do so. So, if you can possibly add even $3 or $5 to your donation today, you’ll keep other abandoned friends from starving during lockdown. You are their brightest hope! Thank you.

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