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The corona crisis has placed street dogs in frightening danger all around the world. Most countries are in some form of lockdown, and street dogs are in deep trouble - they depend on volunteers and animal lovers to feed them. Many depend on you and NFA.

Not enough food is getting to street dogs – even those “safe” in sanctuaries!


Sanctuaries that we help around the world that care for street dogs are struggling because staff and volunteers, and even vets, are in lockdown, and food and medicine is becoming increasingly difficult – in some cases impossible - to source.

Street dogs desperately need your help in this worldwide crisis. Most street dogs get food from people who feed them at their offices or factories, and those places are now closed. Some street dogs survive by foraging on discarded human food - all that food has gone. Street dogs are hungry now, they are going to be starving soon.

To make the situation worse, our teams are struggling with government regulations that, in many cases, prevent movement. Dogs are getting sick, and getting permission to help them is fraught with problems.

We are receiving URGENT pleas for EMERGENCY help from all over the world. 


People tell us of starving street dogs who are getting no help. Our teams also report an increase in animal cruelty. Vets have reported a surge in injuries caused by beating or kicking. It seems that in some places, people in lockdown are taking their frustration out on animals. Street poisonings are also up.

In times like these, animal lovers must stand together. Street dogs have a tough life in the best of times - now their lives are sheer misery. You can help by donating right now so we can send emergency aid, and stockpile food and certain medicines - already, many borders are closed, and for street dogs in countries like Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia where dog food supplies may come from neighboring countries, this is a complete disaster.

Anything you can donate, any amount large or small, will enable us - at this critical time - to maximize our support for street dogs and the sanctuaries we work with to help them. 

Please find it in your heart to help street dogs who may die, without you and people like you.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. A piece of good news is that the South African government just granted two members of our Cape Town team permission to leave lockdown to help care for street dogs. We now have a chance to stave off starvation in some areas and get street dogs emergency veterinary care when needed. Your donation will really help, please donate today.

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