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Imagine the fear animals feel when the ground shakes, buildings collapse around themyou, and the air gets thick with dust and filled with cries of despair. That happened in Morocco on Friday, as the nation’s most catastrophic earthquake in modern history wreaked havoc.

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Right now, animals are trapped, injured, and desperately in need of help. We know that in times of chaos and despair, animals are often largely forgotten. Many are sure to be desperately scrabbling beneath the rubble as you read this, and others are roaming destroyed streets in a fruitless search for their families… families who are most likely, and tragically, long gone.

Earthquake horror for animals of Morocco - please help us rescue them NOW!

The devastating 6.8-magnitude tremor struck southwest of Marrakech, leveling cities and villages. The heartbreaking toll? Over 2,000 human lives lost, and more than 2,000 severely injured. The number of animals in dire need is unimaginable.

Alarmingly, the crisis is not over. Tremors of up to magnitude 4.5 continue to be felt in Marrakech, heightening the risk of more buildings collapsing and animals getting stuck and hurt. Right now, we must rally together to provide support for animals who need us. Rescue teams are picking through the rubble, ears straining for any desperate animal cries, and plucking the survivors from the debris. Unprepared for a disaster of this kind, they are woefully low on supplies.

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