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We could scarcely believe our eyes when we read the emergency plea for help from Thailand.

Someone is STEALING electricity from Elephants World, the amazing sanctuary we just wrote you about where once-abused and horribly exploited elephants finally know peace and safety.

How could ANYONE stoop so low?!
This is an EMERGENCY APPEAL to ask for your generous and urgent donation now, to help fund the purchase of an emergency generator for Elephants World.

The situation is SO far out of the ordinary, so unexpected, that sanctuary staff are in crisis mode.

A hotel conglomerate aims to bring Elephants World to its knees by SIPHONING all the electricity in order to TAKE the elephants from the only sanctuary they’ve ever known and exploit them for profit.
Please, please donate what you can now to help us STOP it!

Staff at Elephants World are distraught but they have located a good, used generator for around 250,000 baht (US$8,000/UK£6,000).

Our goal is to raise at least that amount for them in the next 72 hours, and more if possible, so they don’t face one second longer in the dark than necessary.

Please give generously as you possibly can, right now if you can.
We wouldn’t reach out to you again if it wasn’t 100% NECESSARY. We can’t sit back and watch this horror replay for the elephants.

Thank you so, so much for whatever you can do to help NFA help Elephants World overcome this nightmare situation now, and for your caring heart for ALL the animals, big and small.

For the elephants, URGENTLY!


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. We fear most of all for Kammon. She’s the 70-year-old elephant we wrote you about who we are nearly certain was once one of the half-starved elephants beaten into begging on Bangkok streets – quite possibly one of the elephants some of our staff saved nearly 25 years ago! We could not bear it if she was taken again, all for lack of electricity to keep Elephants World running. Please, please: donate as quickly and as generously as you can now to fund an emergency generator for Elephants World. Thank you so very much in advance.

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