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We’ve told you before about our work for animals in the dangerous, gangster-ridden, desperately poor townships near Cape Town. NFA teams travel the world helping dogs and cats, yet we have seldom seen such horror and hardship as we see in South Africa’s slums…

The poor animals live in filth. They are frequently diseased, often the brutalized victims of vicious organized dog fights and always hungry.

watching their pets die because they are too poor to feed them or get them veterinary care

With your help today we will rescue as many as we can and get them immediate veterinary care, food and shelter!

Hillview is one place we work to help animals. Three months ago, the people of Hillview rioted because of poor conditions there. The South African army banned us from entering because it was too dangerous.

For three long months we couldn’t help the animals and when we went back, with armed bodyguards and a police escort, we were overwhelmed by the extent of the disaster. For three months the animals had been on their own, with no help at all.

Starving pregnant dogs. Dogs near death. Sick dogs. Brutalized dogs…
…and so many hungry dogs!


Let me tell you about just three of the many we helped…

  • Katie is a 16-year-old cat. Her nose has been devoured by cancer. She is one of 20 cats whose owner died. We will rescue all of them before it’s too late to save them.
  • Trixie had given birth to 11 puppies but only two puppies survived, and they had distemper. Trixie was so thin that her ribs stood out so much that they looked likely to break out of her skin. And she was starving.
  • Angel was about to give birth at any moment, and it was obvious she was near death. We rushed her to TEARS where she had to have an emergency Caesarean delivery while the vet fought to save her life. Angel survived but her seven puppies did not. If only we could have gotten to her earlier. Our work in Hillview is really a matter of life and death!

We rescued as many animals as we could on that mission, but so many dogs and cats there rely on us for help. We must go back. We will go back!

Danger be damned! The animals desperately need food and care!

Please, if you possibly can, think of the animals’ agony and donate today to Network for Animals to help relieve their suffering.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. If you could only come with us on a rescue mission and see the terrible need animals are in, we know you would want to help. You can help - please make a generous donation today so that we can be your representative for animals in their Hillview hell.

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