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A few weeks ago we brought to your attention a situation unfolding in the Philippines that was so unspeakably vile, people wrote back saying it couldn’t possibly be real.

“This cannot be happening,” they said! “Dog meat is illegal in the Philippines,” wrote others. “No one could possibly be butchering stray and stolen dogs to be barbecued and eaten.”

Make no mistake. It IS happening. As you read this, our undercover team estimates at least 365 dogs will not make it out of the hidden barrio slaughtering grounds this year unless you and I act NOW.

We are asking for your URGENT donation now, and for your trust, as we attempt to sustain what is one of our most dangerous undercover operations ever.

This is the situation on the ground, and the need for your support, as we know it:

  • One to two stray or stolen dogs every day are butchered, barbecued and sold illegally in two small eateries. The meat is sliced into large chunks and placed in pots covered with a towel that is known to locals. Roasted meat is ordered by the kilo. The poor dogs’ internal organs are cooked and sold separately.
  • This is “only” a small outfit. But it still slaughters as many as 730 doomed dogs each year. The restaurants vary the time of day they sell the meat. It always sells out.
  • One informant has backed out because he feared he might be killed or that the business owner might come for his family. We are building the trust of two new informants, who are terrified we could inadvertently give away their identity and the stakeout location.

THIS IS WHY we are including no photos with this urgent message. We can’t risk inadvertently exposing a team member or the locations they are surveilling.

  • There is only one way in and one way out of the alley where the dog butchers work. It is only wide enough for one car, and newcomers are eyed with deep suspicion.

We understand we are asking you to take a leap of faith for these dogs. So we asked the team if they could give you an accurate assessment of core costs.

The team generally requires approximately $2,000 for a short-term undercover operation. This includes stakeouts and surveillance equipment, evidence gathering, and payment to informants and undercover operatives and for the absolutely essential assistance of local police officers to join us in the raid.

This is not a normal short-term operation. It could still take weeks before we are ready for the bust and arrests.

We’ve shared as much as we safely can with you. Now, we need you to be as generous as you can as quickly as you can.

Our best estimate is that the cost of the total operation will ultimately work to just under $10 per dog slaughter prevented.

It’s such a small price to take to save a dog’s life.
Please, consider donating $10 or $25 today or more if you can.

The INSTANT we are able to share photos and video of the BBQ butcher bust with you, we will.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Yes, dog meat is illegal in the Philippines - it was the past generosity of our supporters that enabled our team leader to help bring about the passage of two lifesaving laws that make it so! But, sadly, like many animal cruelty laws, there remain pockets of abuse we MUST STAMP OUT! This operation is targeting one such place, and the dogs urgently need your help. Please give to stop the BBQ dog butchers. We’ll update you the moment we can.

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