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Recently, we have been updating you about our dangerous surveillance operation underway in the Philippines, to bust a back-alley operation that is murdering and barbecuing dogs for profit.

Then, just days ago, while on surveillance, we heard about two poor dogs that had been ABANDONED in a house that was for sale.

We could not ignore these cast-off friends who were left to such a terrible fate! We rushed to the location…

Temperatures were over 100 degrees. There was no food in sight. The floor was slick with feces. Clearly suffering from heat exhaustion, the dogs had only a bowl of putrid green water between them.

Their family just moved away and left them to die. Can you imagine?!

The dogs greeted us with such relief! But they need our help. They both have a tick-borne infection called Ehrlichia, and the white dog we named Cloud, has mouth sores. Please will you donate today to fund their care?

As we continue around the clock, on surveillance on the dog BBQ operation and the two restaurants that buy the dog meat, it’s hard not to think of how Cloud and Top – the names we gave the dogs – could have been taken to that barbaric back alley, sick as they were.

It’s the reason that in addition to our non-stop work to stamp out the dog meat trade for good, we are pledged to remain as active as funds will allow, in the rescue, adoption, and spay/neuter of dogs in the Philippines.

Providing we can raise the $1,100 for food and medicines PLUS veterinary care for Cloud, Top, and other rescued animals (until they are found forever homes), our goal is to host a one-day spay/neuter/rabies vaccination clinic as soon as possible – in the very area we are currently surveilling.

YOUR gift today will help make all of this happen – for Cloud, Top, and hundreds of dogs and cats in the Philippines who have only us to rescue and advocate for them. Please give as generously as you can!

How we wish you could have seen Cloud and Top receive their first bowls of fresh water at the rescue center. Even in their exhausted state, they dunked their whole heads in!

Please, donate today if you possibly can. As an animal lover, as a friend to NFA, send a message to dogs like Cloud and Top that they will never be throwaways again.

Thank you so much for caring.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

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