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Last year, we discovered truly shocking conditions at the municipal dog shelter in the town of Ulcinj in Montenegro.

The town provided dog food only intermittently, workers said they had not been paid for months and when we asked about medical care, the manager shrugged and said a vet came “sometimes.” If dogs were sick, he killed them.

When we talked to town officials, they asked us to be patient because the man responsible had left. We received promises that the dreadful situation would be resolved when a new person was appointed.

Those words meant nothing!

The situation is worse than ever. The fact that the shelter does not have a permanent permit to operate in two years since it opened, speaks for itself.

All the kennels were full of faeces. The dogs literally live in s**t!

We asked why the cages weren’t cleaned. It turned out all the workers had left. The manager has no idea if he will get new ones.

When our team visited, the dogs were wet and cold, shivering and trembling. And they had no food!

The shelter has no furniture, no medicines or medical equipment. We spoke with a vet who is responsible for the welfare of the animals…

He says he only kills sick animals, but he has no medicines to heal them.

Two dogs were on his execution list that day.

After we pleaded with him, he agreed to postpone the execution. We are urgently trying to find the funds to give the dogs medical treatment and improve their living conditions.

Please help us fight for these poor dogs who are basically being left to die, out of sight and out of mind. We can’t wait while the municipality cynically waits for them to get sick and die. We need to help NOW. Please give generously to Network for Animals today, so we can help dogs who desperately need our love and support.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. If you donate today, that means a lifeline for the dogs of Montenegro. Please find it in your heart to help us fight for dogs kept without food or medical care. They so badly need our help.

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