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An impoverished area called Atlantis, near Cape Town in South Africa, is literally hell on earth for animals. The area is run by gangs and riddled with drugs and crime. Violent riots are frequent and deadly. Sadly, the animals who live here suffer terrible neglect and abuse – they bear the brunt of a broken society.

Dogs, particularly, are regarded as objects that do not have feelings or needs. The most common use for a dog is as a watchdog, often chained and kept hungry to make him/her more aggressive.

Our team received a distressing call from our partner on the ground, Fallen Angels, alerting us to particularly shocking abuse. A dog had been chained up and left to starve to death at the back of an abandoned warehouse.

South Africa is being torn apart by civil unrest, and this is a particularly dangerous area, but regardless, OUR TEAM RUSHED TO THE SCENE accompanied by armed security, where they found a heart-breaking situation…

As you read on, you will understand why we so urgently need your help today.

A hovel, exposed to the cold, harsh Cape Town winter, showed no signs of life. We thought we were too late. It was too dangerous to enter so we sent a drone over the high fences and razor wire.


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The drone sent images of the skeletal body of an emaciated dog, but we couldn’t tell if the poor creature was still alive.

Our hearts sank. Were we too late?

Our team couldn’t sit by in the hope that the owner might be found to let them in, so they found a bolt cutter and tried to cut the gate’s lock, but it was too strong. Risking their own lives, the team jumped over the wall to reach the body.

Inside the filthy hovel, a dog tried to lift her head to bark and drive us away - even this close to death, she was trying to do her job, but the chain around her neck was too heavy and her head slumped to the ground again. When the chain was removed, she softened, resting her weary head on a team member’s shoulder. She knew they were there to rescue her, and she tried to wag her tail. What a sweet girl she is. We named her Toni and immediately transported her for emergency medical care.


Toni is at a veterinary clinic, and we wait anxiously to hear any news. We have already paid a deposit, and as we write this, Toni is on a drip receiving intravenous antibiotics. The vet shook her head when we asked what Toni’s chances are because she will make no promises, but Toni does have a chance. We need to raise $3,000 (£2,100) to continue her life-saving treatment. What we know for sure is that her journey to recovery is going to be long and costly. Every day, we find more poor creatures like Toni - abused, hungry and without hope. We try never to let them down.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Thousands of dogs depend on us for their existence. Would you please join us and be a part of helping Toni and others like her recover from abuse and neglect by donating now? No matter how big or small, we guarantee your donation will make a difference.

It’s as simple as this: Toni would be dead in that hovel were we not able to count on animal lovers like you. Thank you so much for your friendship and support.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Please, if you possibly can, donate to Network for Animals today so we can make sure Toni pulls through and finds the loving forever home she deserves.

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