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Brian and I sincerely hope you are well during the corona crisis and that this nightmare will soon pass. Please, take a few moments to watch our video showing how bad the situation is in the remote areas where we work - the crippling effects it’s had on animals and their welfare.

Despite the immense challenges, our video shows how we are managing to carry on during lockdown and how your donations are saving lives.

We have more than DOUBLED our aid to animals during the pandemic.
But there is much more work to do!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

The corona crisis is stretching us to the limit as we battle to get food, medication and care to all the creatures who depend on your donations. Street dogs rely upon the kindness of strangers - such as day-to-day factory workers who provide scraps of food for them to eat.

The street dogs usual food sources dried up because of lockdowns, and we stepped up immediately to fill the gap. Food costs and transport prices sky-rocketed, yet we successfully managed to acquire stockpiles of food for dozens of shelters and feeding projects that we support throughout the world.

A bag of dog food can be the difference between life and death!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We are receiving global reports that street dogs are hovering on the brink of survival due to the consequences of corona. Your donations for food and medical care are indeed the difference between life and death. Our video speaks louder than words and by watching it, you will better understand why we must continue to do everything in our power to help street dogs and other creatures during these terrible times.

There are so many cases we just can’t ignore - like this most recent heart-breaking example in Jordan. A starving mother dog, who we named Amelia, went searching for food and ventured into a dangerous area. She was shot in the back-leg and managed to escape the hail of bullets.

A kind family notified our partner on the ground, Al Rahmeh. Amelia was found bleeding, while nursing her puppies - and to make matters worse, she was missing a front paw.

This is one example of why we must continue our work: to ensure that street dogs like Amelia don’t have to face horror trying to get food in these corona times.

You are the only hope for thousands of animals around the world and that number is increasing every day. Please, if you possibly can, rush your donation now - donkeys, dogs and cats are depending on you!

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