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Cats hold a special place in my heart and the suffering these graceful, affectionate, beautiful creatures endure around the world truly tugs at my heartstrings. So many cats live on the streets alone, starving, unsterilized, and facing terrible health issues. They give birth to sick, hopeless kittens who drain them of every last drop of nutrients - and often die anyway.


Countless cats - adults and kittens alike - die on the streets, their bodies destroyed by hunger or disease, without ever knowing the feeling of a full tummy or a safe, comfortable place to rest. It breaks my heart.

Network for Animals helps approximately 1,500 unwanted cats around the world - cats who desperately need food, medical care and spay and neuter programs. Today, I want to tell you about five cat communities that really need your help.

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We are working with five on-the-ground organizations to help vastly improve the situation for cats in Greece, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe:


  • Argos Ithaki Animal Welfare (ARGOS) works on the isolated island of Ithaka, Greece, helping every day to feed and care for more than 500 cats. With our help, ARGOS also runs critical spay and neuter programs and successfully sterilized around 200 cats in 2022 alone. Its work is especially important in the bitterly cold winter months when feline overpopulation and food scarcity is rife. To help the cats, they depend on our supporters almost completely.


  • The Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) is Kenya’s leading animal welfare organization and works tirelessly to feed, rescue, shelter, treat, sterilize and rehome desperate cats and kittens. It has up to 300 felines in their shelters countrywide at any given time and conducts crucial trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs for street cat colonies across Kenya. The support Network for Animals provides is vital.

South Africa

  • The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) in Cape Town, South Africa, has a cattery which is home to 157 cats and kittens. All the cats were abandoned, abused or neglected, often rescued from the city’s poverty-stricken slums. As long-standing partners, we provide TEARS with food, vital search and rescue missions and veterinary care.


  • The Friend Animal Foundation (FAF) in Harare, Zimbabwe, is a no-kill shelter for abused and abandoned animals. FAF feeds, treats and cares for 132 unwanted cats at the shelter and 57 cats and kittens in temporary foster homes. NFA rescued FAF from closure when its original owner died and donations from our supporters have enabled the shelter to continue its vital work.
  • Our long-standing partner MARES (Matabeleland Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary) recently opened the Mares Community Cat (MCC) sanctuary - the only animal shelter in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, helping kittens and cats. The local animal shelter authorities do not care about felines at all - the cats are euthanized as soon as they are taken there - so, with our support, MARES stepped in to help. MCC runs regular TNR programs, and provides treatment, care and rehabilitation to kittens and cats. It has a superb track record of rehoming cats to loving homes within the community.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

It is only together that we can achieve this fundamental goal. Your support will help us fund vital programs to help cats in these regions, as well as to help create awareness of their plight and thus further increase the amount of support they receive. But it starts with you, and us.


If we can raise $10,000 (roughly £8,200), you will help us provide our partners with funds for these essential programs, and vastly improve the lives of a considerable number of cats who have no one else but us to help them.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please help us reach as many sick, homeless, unloved cats as we can - and let them feel the warmth and care of human love. Help us change their lives forever.

For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. For the street cats of Greece, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe, there is no one to care for them but you and our dedicated, hard-working partners who rely heavily on our support. With your support right now, we will ensure the cats have what they need to help alleviate the pain of being born into lives of terrible, prolonged suffering. Please, will you open your hearts to these desperate animals? They will be eternally grateful for your support.

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