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In Serbia, the national animal, the wolf, is in shocking decline. There are now only 500 left. These hugely important and iconic creatures are being shot, poisoned, trapped and persecuted. With your help, we have a chance to save the species in Serbia.

It is legal to kill wolves in Serbia, no matter how cruel their deaths!

When many farmers see a wolf, they automatically presume it is there to kill their domestic animals, but usually the wolves are just being curious.

Their normal diet consists of deer and wild boar that live in the forests. This is a fact that many farmers refuse to believe. Farmers set bear traps and snares and leave poisoned meat near the forest.

The wolves suffer painful, lingering deaths. If they get caught in a snare, they can take days to die. Sometimes they gnaw off a limb to try escape. Or they die in terrible pain from poisoning.

They do not deserve this!

One man is fighting to save Serbia’s wolves. A year ago, Dejan Gacic, who runs a dog shelter, was called by a farmer who had caught a wolf in a bear trap. The farmer blackmailed him…

“Give me money or I will shoot the wolf!”

Dejan refused to let the wolf die, so he paid. He named the wolf Ahil and took him to his shelter. Dejan felt so sorry for Ahil that he began a crusade to save other abused wolves, and now cares for 12 grey wolves

Dejan has inherited a large piece of land that is ideal for a wolf sanctuary. We have promised that with the help of animal lovers like you, we will help create the sanctuary and fight for the few remaining wild wolves to live as nature intended.

Without our help, the wolves’ future is bleak. Together, we can create a haven for wolves where they will be able to live naturally, in harmony with nature. Please, if you possibly can, donate generously today so Network for Animals can give wolves a chance at survival.

The preservation of these precious creatures is in our hands - join us and be on the right side of history. Let’s protect the little wildlife we have left.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Wolves have a bad reputation because of fairy tales but we know better. When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park in the US, they improved the ecosystem for both animals and plants. Thanks to wolves, beaver populations are booming. They have even helped bring back trees and other vegetation. If you can possibly donate today, you and NFA can help ensure the survival of the species in Serbia.

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