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The special day of giving, Giving Tuesday, is now only two days away.

Today, we want to share the fourth installment in our 5-part email series that gives thanks to YOU - a vital friend to the NFA family and animals in need. Today’s uplifting rescue story simply would not have been possible without the support of animal-loving friends like YOU!

In today’s story, you’ll see just what your support for NFA means for shelters doing a hero’s work in far-flung places.

From Thailand’s remote mountains to impoverished South African townships,

And sometimes, you even save the heroes who save animals too!


That’s exactly what happened with one of our local partners in South America - the APA El Refugio animal shelter (the ONLY shelter in Montevideo, Uruguay).

The news was shocking.

Four thugs, armed with handguns and under the influence of drugs, had broken into the El Refugio shelter at 8:30 in the morning when breakfast for the dogs was being prepared.

As you’ll discover in a moment, most of the dogs at El Refugio are elderly, or infirm.

They pose absolutely no threat to anyone. But when the thugs attacked the shelter cook and the dogs started barking, the vicious criminals attacked the poor dogs too!

El Refugio does a wonderful job.


Network for Animals is proud to work with them, including helping pay for specialist veterinary care and a young vet from Venezuela who assists at El Refugio every week.

But this day, the caring and dedicated vet had arrived at a scene from hell.
The attackers set their sights on assaulting HIM next!

The shelter dogs there might be elderly, but they were not about to let their friend be beaten to death!

Although the thugs savagely beat the vet and left him bleeding on the ground, the dogs made such an uproar that the brutes finally took fright and fled.

Generosity like yours enabled NFA to dip into our emergency fund for this terrible and totally unexpected event... and helped cover a special donation that will help the vet, help the animals of El Refugio, and help support all the work there.

Small, hardworking shelters - located in some of the world’s most remote regions - are so special to us here at Network for Animals.


They don’t have deep pockets. But they DO have big hearts - Like El Refugio, whose tireless volunteers shower endless amounts of love and attention on elderly dogs who have special needs.

Without friends like you, without the NFA family, they would have no source of outside help at all - especially when tragedy hits, like the attack on the dogs and their poor part-time vet.

Whenever you choose to donate, whether today for Giving Tuesday or any other time, please know that our ability to rescue, rehabilitate and fight for the animals, would be impossible without YOU…

…including help for tiny hardworking shelters like
El Refugio, saving animals in the world’s most far-flung places.
Thank you, thank you!

Because of supporters like you, we will NEVER face having to turn our backs on a single animal - no matter how far away, no matter how desperate or dangerous the situation.

You make Network for Animals the one-of-a-kind organization it is, and we’re so glad to know you’re beside us. This November, and always.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Your kind donation today WILL mean the difference between life and death for animals in desperate need. No matter how large or small your contribution, it WILL help fund rescues, provide food and medical care and so much more for hardworking remote partners around the world, just like El Refugio in Uruguay.

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