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In the heart of Africa, a daily horror unfolds as helpless dogs, trapped in the clutches of a ruthless dog meat trade, cry out for salvation.


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Historically, very few African people consumed dog meat, but economic hardships have led to a shocking increase in countries like the Congo. The dogs are transported in trucks and cars across the border from neighboring Zambia. As soon as they are in the Congo the dogs are brutally slaughtered.

We are gearing up to fight the trade with all our might. NFA succeeded in almost wiping out the trade in the Philippines and we are working with local organizations and authorities to prevent Zambia from slipping into becoming the hub of the African dog meat trade.


Eating dogs is illegal in Zambia, but trading them is not. The Zambian victim dogs are either homeless street dogs or stolen – many are beloved pets. Once caught, the dogs are crammed into a truck without water, food, or adequate ventilation, in searing African heat, and raced to the border. A few yards inside the Congo they are brutally slaughtered in local markets.

In desperate, futile attempts to escape, they may scream, scratch at the door or howl. The transporters don’t care; to them, these dogs are merely commodities.


NFA will fight for these dogs. Animal welfare laws in Zambia allow the confiscation of cruelly treated dogs, and we can use this law to intercept the trucks and take the dogs to safety. We know from our experience gained in Asia that if you arrest enough people, the trade will dwindle.


Dogs being transported for their meat, chained and bound to the top of a car.

Our first rescue efforts saved just three dogs – the others died before we could help, but three dogs are alive because of our efforts and that is a start. With your support we will intensify our efforts. We have a place where the dogs will be safe and well looked after, all we need is the funds to set up interception operations and to care for the traumatized souls we save. Every mission costs some $5,000 (£4,000), but every cent spent is worth it because it means that dogs are saved from gruesome deaths.


Please help us to take action by donating today!

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Your generosity is their lifeline. Together, let’s turn the tide against cruelty. Let’s give these dogs a chance at life, a chance at happiness. It’s not just a donation; it’s a declaration that every life matters.

For the animals,

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Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO
Network for Animals

P.S. I shudder to think what would happen if we let this dog meat trade flourish. We have to stop it in its tracks. Your donation today will help make a real difference to countless innocent dogs in peril of being eaten.

Banner credit: NFA/Roxy de Saint Pern

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