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For the past six days, the relentless fires have wrought devastation, leaving an untold number of animals in extreme distress. We must rush aid to our local partners working tirelessly on the ground.

Sweltering heat waves have sparked widespread forest fires in southern Greece, and thousands of animals are in peril. Caught in the inferno, they are desperately awaiting rescue as firefighters battle to put out the blaze.


Despite efforts from firefighters, civil protection authorities and compassionate volunteers, the fires have already destroyed over 7,400 acres of forestland, claiming countless animal lives. Surviving animals are trapped, terrified and alone, and they need YOUR help right now.


We must rush emergency aid to our evacuation partners on the ground!
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Our brave partners on the ground, Alma Libre - Hellenic Animal Rescue (ALHAR), Corinthia Animal Rescue (CAR), and Make it Pawsible (MIP), have been working around the clock to save as many lives as possible. They have already rescued over 600 dogs, cats, and farm animals. The anguish and desperation of these animals is hard to put into words.


There have been many tragedies: a hoarder who refused to let rescuers save her dogs and a rescuer who lost most of her dogs to the fires - one who heartbreakingly missed its chance of a new life in the UK. We MUST save the animals!

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Credit: Alma-Libre

Our partners are desperately low on resources as they battle a disaster of this magnitude, and time is running out. We must rush them emergency funding for veterinary care, food, and fuel for transporting animals to vets for critical treatment and to areas of safety.

Please help us raise $10,000 (roughly £7,800) for emergency animal rescue supplies and evacuations!

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Credit: Nikos-Christofakis

As the fires continue to blaze and spread, more and more animals are being found in critical condition. With each passing hour, the need for help is ever more urgent.

With your support right now, HUNDREDS of helpless, wounded and displaced animals can be rescued and taken to safety. Our partners on the ground are working relentlessly in fire-stricken areas to evacuate, rescue, and help as many as possible.


Your donation today could mean food, medical care, and a chance at survival for countless helpless cats, dogs and other animals. It could help fuel the vehicles used to transport animals to vets and safety zones. It could give our teams the resources they need to fight back against this lethal disaster.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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We are on the ground, ready to act, ready to save lives, but we can't do it alone.

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For the animals,


Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Animal lives are on the line and every second counts! Consider the heroic acts that your donation can make possible: rescuing 25 dogs from a burning house, providing urgent veterinary care to the injured and burned, and making the difference between life and death for those trapped in the inferno. We cannot do it alone. Your donation will help fuel our partners’ efforts, so please, don't wait - the flames won’t. Donate now!

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