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The Thai Animal Sanctuary is desperate to get three crippled dogs onto airplane flights that will take them to forever homes in the UK.

PLEASE, can you find it in your heart today to give whatever feels generous now to help these paralyzed pups? You are literally their only lifeline!

Gizmo, Mikey and Wilma – she’s the dog in the wheelchair – are, right now, in temporary care in Thailand, waiting for funds to be raised and arrangements finalized so they can board flights to their forever homes.

Our partner, the Thai Animal Sanctuary, a small but steadfastly AMAZING place we’ve told you about so many times before, is determined, just as all of us are at Network for Animals, to ensure they all have a chance to live wonderful lives.

It all started when Gizmo, Mikey and Wilma were rescued in 2015 after having been run over by cars and left for DEAD. Permanent spinal damage meant they’d never walk again.

The Thai Animal Sanctuary would not give up on them, no matter how much extra care was required. Immediately, with NFA’s support and at considerable expense, the three shattered souls were nursed back to health.

Then a miracle happened!

Another shelter in Thailand was located that specialized in disabled dog rehabilitation. It had plenty of space, a hydrotherapy pool and large enclosures filled with soft sand that was heaven-sent for paraplegic pups.

After careful discussions and on-site inspections, Gizmo, Mikey and Wilma made the move. There were regular updates and the dogs were loving life. Wilma was even trying to walk!

Tragically, it was too good to be true…

The founder of this other sanctuary left. Staff numbers were suddenly slashed. And therapy came to a halt.

The Thai Animal Sanctuary founder was distraught. But she leapt into action again. For months, she negotiated with all her heart, often using her own personal funds, to have these three disabled friends returned to her care.

Finally, she succeeded. And today, they have a chance at loving, forever homes in the UK!

PLEASE rush your donation now so these crippled pups can be released from their temporary holding facility in Bangkok and begin their FREEDOM JOURNEY. They need inoculations, blood tests, special travel crates and airfare must be paid.

In their short lives, Gizmo, Mikey and Wilma have suffered such heartache. They need your help NOW.

There’s one last favor we must ask of you...

When you make your donation for these disabled dogs, please will you add a little extra to sustain the always extraordinary care at Thai Animal Sanctuary?

They’ve done everything right. Gizmo, Mikey and Wilma are so innocent and full of life, and we must help them. BUT if we can also raise enough extra so the Thai Animal Sanctuary can do even more for all the sweet lives in their care, it would be a dream come true.

Thank you so much for reading what we know is a tough story for someone who loves animals as much as you. Thank you, too, for whatever you can send now to fly Gizmo, Mikey and Wilma to freedom.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. PLEASE, donate whatever feels generous to you now to help these crippled dogs who have been through so much. We’ll update you as soon as they are back in safe and loving hands. Thank you!

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