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For the last 11 weeks, our primary communication has been about animals in need in war-ravaged Ukraine, but now another urgent issue must be brought to your attention...

Roatan is a stunning holiday island off the northern coast of Honduras, but like many popular tourist spots, it hides a brutal truth about its street animals. Unwanted animals are routinely abused, run over by cars and woefully neglected, often having been born into poverty and discarded like trash. They need our help. They need your help.

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The island’s ‘solution’ for dealing with 'nuisance' street animals is to round them up and indiscriminately kill them, so they don’t ‘pester’ tourists.

In the midst of all this, there is a bright light: an exemplary shelter and veterinary clinic - Roatan Rescue. But it is at grave risk of being shut down.
We need your support to keep the animals fed, and safe!


Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, rescuing and caring for abused and unwanted street animals, Roatan Rescue looks after 600 animals - more than 550 dogs and cats, and some horses - who are now in a terrible crisis. Animals like Poppi, attacked with a machete, and who had to have emergency surgery and a life-saving amputation – and petrified Cinnamon, found living on a staircase after being abused and then abandoned by her owners. Miraculously, she survived all this and distemper. Both animals have been rehabilitated by the shelter, where they remain until this day.


Some local people want Roatan Rescue shut down because they don’t like it being near them. Authorities want it shut down because of a dispute over operating permits.

If this were to happen, all 600 animals would be thrown onto the streets and would most certainly die horrible, cruel deaths. The shelter reached out to us in desperation, and we promised to share their story with you.

Roatan Rescue is made up of three different facilities, all on rented land, including a clinic that provides much-needed veterinary care to low-income households - families who love their pets but can’t afford full care for them. The clinic is inundated with sick animals who receive care from two qualified veterinarians and are nursed back to health.

Roatan Rescue is struggling to pay its bills because legal battles are taking so much of its funds - funds badly needed to care for the animals.

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Roatan Rescue has applied to register as a shelter several times, but authorities have not granted the registration – it is bogged down in bureaucracy. It almost seems authorities don’t care about animals, because absolutely no progress has been made.

To keep the animals alive, the shelter has relocated four times in the past three years. Roatan Rescue is the ONLY shelter on the island and is a registered NGO in the USA and Honduras - but despite its incredible work in saving hundreds of animals, it is tragically still not recognized by Roatan authorities. And it is the animals who will suffer most because of it.

If Roatan Rescue’s dogs, cats and horses lose their home and are released onto the streets, they will not survive. All will die - hit by cars, beaten to death or poisoned.

We need to raise the funds to help keep the animals fed while the shelter fights its legal battle to stay open.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please, your support WILL keep innocent animals alive until justice takes its course. These animals don’t deserve to be tossed onto the street to die.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S: Roatan Rescue is home to mother dogs and their puppies, disabled dogs, cats, horses, and animals who have endured the most horrific abuse. These animals will have no hope if the shelter is forced to close. They will simply be tossed onto the streets by the authorities and either left to die - or ruthlessly euthanized. Please, help us save the animals of Roatan Rescue. They are in dire need of our support - your donation today will ensure they get food while the shelter fights to stay open.

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