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Picture for a moment a chicken on a rotisserie.

Or a pig skewered on a spit. Spinning slowly. Its face frozen in gruesome agony. Skin blackened, splitting, peeling, popping over punishing open flames.

We deplore this!

But now, IMAGINE that chicken or pig was YOUR DOG, stolen and slaughtered the very same way!

Imagine no more!

These wretched roasts are real. Happening to dogs, RIGHT NOW, deep inside a neighborhood slum in the Philippines. We need your support, today, to stop it. We must act before more dogs die!

There is no way to stress to you enough the danger or difficulty of the covert operation we are attempting for these dogs. We can only do it with the help of your URGENT donation today.

Because of much hard work in the past, the dog meat trade is now illegal in the Philippines. We have had considerable success in destroying the evil cruelty. More than 7,000 dogs have been rescued. Nearly 500 dog meat traders have been taken to court, fined or jailed. The despicable trade has been completely knocked out in the Manila area.

BUT there are last bastions of brutality that are dug in and defiant. They murder dogs in secret, in cramped alleyways where houses – really shacks – are pressed together. It is impossible to get in unnoticed.

Yet it is HERE where we have proof that stolen family pets and hapless street dogs get dragged... skewered through with bamboo sticks... and roasted at private backyard barbecues. Please support us now as we infiltrate this horrendous trade!


One of our local informants just backed out because he fears for his safety. But we can’t give up, and with whatever support you can send now, we won’t give up!

Every trusted connection, every hush-hush networking link is being leveraged so we can quickly bring in another deep-cover informant.

When that happens, we MUST be ready to mobilize, to capture images and video on undercover cameras and collect incriminating evidence. We must be able to name names and pinpoint places for an effective police raid. This all costs money.

And then we will PROSECUTE!

We only get one first shot at this to help these poor dogs. We can’t do it without you. Please be as generous as you can now. No dog should suffer this fate.

To imagine ANY dog, skewered through and roasting on a barbecue spit is a betrayal to humankind’s best friend.

Give what you can afford now, please. Together we will end this madness.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. Because of your support the dog meat trade is now illegal in the Philippines. The remaining traders are cagey about who they let see these criminal, closed-door dog killings. We will not relent while animals are suffering! But it is dangerous work and we need your help to fund the necessary undercover equipment and to mobilize properly. Please donate what you can now. Thank you so very much in advance.

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