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THREE times we planned to visit Hillview in South Africa to rescue street dogs, THREE times our security company refused to let us go because of the danger from gangsters.

On our fourth attempt we made it. Nothing can stop our mission to save animals.

In 20 nervous minutes, we filled a rescue truck with dogs desperately in need of medical care. We had to leave so many behind.

Hillview is a squalid settlement of shacks in one of the poorest areas of Cape Town. Until now, dogs have had absolutely no help there, because gangsters use its narrow alleys to hide from police and view any outsider as a threat to be dealt with.

This was our first visit and with the help of our partner TEARS, we have started to make a difference to the lives of the hundreds of dogs who scavenge for a living there.

Everywhere we looked, we saw injured and sick dogs; truthfully, we didn’t see a single healthy animal.

We rescued a dog who had been run over by a car…

We rescued dogs infested with ticks, dogs with mange and hungry, sick dogs…

All in just 20 minutes!

It was pouring with rain that morning and the dogs were sodden lumps of misery. We hated to leave a single one behind, but we and TEARS have limited budgets, that’s why we earnestly implore you to donate generously to Network for Animals today, so we can extend our work in this terribly poor place, where the need is so great.

To make things even worse for the animals, (if that is really possible) a devastating fire has swept through the area destroying many shacks. The local council is helping rebuild the dwellings, but we are the only hope for the dogs. All the dogs we rescued are now at the TEARS shelter, a place run by caring volunteers who provide them with food, medicines and love. Hopefully, all these dogs will be adopted and find forever loving homes.

Network for Animals has been working in South Africa’s shanty towns for several years, doing all we can to help suffering creatures. Our team is tough, but we were shocked by what we saw in Hillview and we simply have to do more for the animals. We need your help. The poor dogs need your help. Please help us by donating generously today.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO

P.S. The government says it will take many years to solve Hillview’s problems, but the dogs can’t wait – we must help them today! Please give generously if you possibly can.

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