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Melody’s tale of human-inflicted woe is so despicable it is hard to write about.


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Rescued in Zimbabwe, she was so horrifically damaged by people that she could not stand up from pain. Rusted, razor-sharp wire had been forced through the skin of each ear – possibly a cruel method of “tagging” her – and she could barely walk, her back legs cruelly bound. She moved in confused, disorientated circles, clearly severely traumatized, and was likely blind.

Horrifically, this was not the worst part of her story – because it quickly became clear that tragic Melody had been repeatedly molested by the people meant to care for her.


Credit: MARES

Melody the donkey could not protect herself against the wicked and SICKENING abuse meted out to her by people in Zimbabwe.

Today, through your love, she has a chance to experience kindness for the first time in her wretched life.

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Melody is one of thousands of donkeys routinely overworked, brutally abused and forced to live in daily agony in Zimbabwe, but her story is certainly one of the worst we have encountered. Not only was Melody tortured and abused in the most disgusting ways imaginable, but when she was rescued by our partner, it was discovered that she was pregnant.


Credit: MARES

MARES – the Matabeleland Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary – is our long-standing donkey rescue partner in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and with your support, we have helped them to save and change the lives of hundreds of donkeys over the past five years.

Many poor people in Zimbabwe do not care about donkeys’ feelings, or whether they experience pain and suffering. These gentle creatures are merely a means for people to make a measly living. They are forced to pull overloaded carts full of rubbish and rubble; are often overworked and seldom fed properly, and are never treated for their injuries.

After years and years of this agonizing abuse, the animal inevitably breaks down, and then it is discarded to die wherever it happens to collapse.


Credit: MARES

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A police investigation is currently underway to bring Melody’s perpetrators to book, after expert medical examinations revealed she had been molested. The animal’s urgent need for medical and emotional care is pressing.

She needs at least six months’ dedicated medical treatment to support her long-term recovery and, because she is pregnant, she requires even more concentrated care. She will be given pregnancy-safe antibiotics and pain medications to fight severe wound infections, and these wounds need to be carefully treated and monitored. The hope is that, with the right treatment, she will be able to regain some of her vision.


Credit: MARES

Melody needs YOU. This poor tortured soul who has endured years of human cruelty finally has a chance at peace and a happy life – for both herself and her unborn foal.

Will you donate today, and help give mother and baby lives free of abuse?

Please help us to take action by donating today!

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If we can raise $3,000 (roughly £2,360), we can cover the cost of Melody’s life-saving treatment and ensure she, and her unborn baby, get the best possible care.

We can only support the recovery of donkeys like Melody with your support. It is your compassion and generosity that saves and changes their lives, and our heartfelt plea to you today is this: please show Melody the love and kindness she so desperately needs, and deserves. Donate now, and give a new life to Melody and her foal.

For the animals,

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Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founder and CEO
Network for Animals

P.S. We help abused donkeys like Melody all around the world – gentle creatures who have no one to count on but compassionate animal lovers like you. Today, Melody is begging you for a second chance for herself and her unborn baby, so please, donate right away, and help us save hideously abused donkeys, one precious life at a time.

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