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In a rural area of Israel called Givat Tal, a heartbreaking situation is unfolding. Donkeys there frequently suffer abuse, neglect and cruelty, but now a new horror has been added to their lives. Local people are setting bear traps for wild animals, and donkeys are getting caught in them.

We can hardly bear to tell you what happens next, but we must…
…because we need your help right away.

The steel teeth in the trap SNAP! shut with vicious force, tearing into the poor donkey’s legs, causing unbearable pain and hideous injuries.


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Donkeys’ legs are being SEVERED in cruel bear traps!

A donkey wanders into the brush to graze, a trap springs and the poor creature’s leg is severed. That’s right, without any warning and causing instant excruciating pain, a leg is CUT IN TWO by the steel jaws.

Recently, our team was called to rescue a donkey who was struggling to walk. This poor donkey - we named her Alfie - was found with a severed front leg that was bleeding profusely from the stump where her foot had been.


Help us to take action by donating today!

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Our partner, Starting Over Sanctuary, rushed Alfie to the town of Beit Dagan for emergency medical treatment. There, it was discovered she was pregnant!

Her pregnancy makes everything more difficult. The first part of the treatment is to try and avoid amputating more of her leg; the more we can save, the better for her. Then, she will need a prosthetic limb - a very costly undertaking. The pregnancy complicates all this because of the additional weight she must carry. Alfie will need several operations and a long period of rehabilitation.

We do not yet know when her foal will be born - we are waiting for an ultrasound to be done to find out. All indications are that it may be in the next few weeks.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

With your help, we will save Alfie, get her a prosthetic foot and save her unborn foal. Please, if you possibly can, donate today to help make this possible!

With your help, we can fund Alfie’s hospitalization, medical tests and operations. After all the suffering she has experienced, Alfie deserves our love and compassion so please be as generous as you are able today.


As we explained at the beginning, Alfie is not alone in this horror. Exact figures are hard to come by, but our partners say that, in the area, there have been several other donkeys who have lost their lives in this way. Bear traps don’t discriminate!

We are committed to changing this dreadful situation and promise to help as many donkeys as we possibly can.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Donkeys throughout the world are subjected to enormous cruelty. The evil motivating the Chinese trade in donkey skins is completely out of control, wiping these poor creatures out by the millions. There are only 44 million donkeys in the world - China kills TWO MILLION a year. That makes every donkey life even more precious. Please help us save Alfie and her foal by making a generous donation today.

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