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Imagine being just a few weeks old and ripped from your mother’s side, only to be tied up, dragged along a gravel road, beaten up and left to die.

This is the despicable and heartbreaking abuse that was meted out to a baby donkey by Bedouin children in the southern West Bank, close to the city of Hebron. Urgent help is needed to save the life of this defenseless, now-orphaned donkey, who is clinging to life after his ordeal.

Subjected to sickening brutality, this baby donkey needs URGENT help to survive! Please, will you help him?

This tragic little soul, who we have named Dash, was found in a wasteland by a truck driver who saw the children torturing him. Dash had huge, bloody wounds all over his little body. The truck driver chased the children away - they fled the scene and have not been seen since. Had it not been for this good Samaritan, Dash would surely have been beaten to death.


When this kind man reached him, Dash was crying in fear and desperately searching for his mother. Can you imagine how terrified this poor foal must have been as he lay battered and bleeding in the baking sun, with no food, no water, and in the most excruciating pain? It just breaks our hearts.

The truck driver contacted our partner on the ground, the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS), which immediately rushed to the scene to fetch Dash. He was so weak that they had to carry him into the sanctuary for emergency medical care.

Dash requires expensive medical treatment. We aren’t sure he will survive, but we are doing everything in our power to help him and show him that not all humans are heartless and cruel. Please, help us show Dash kindness and compassion for the first time in his short life by donating to his recovery now.

Not only will your donation help to save Dash’s life - it will also support us in our search for his mother.


Dash remains at SOS, where he is receiving round-the-clock medical care from its expert team of vets. His condition remains critical, but the vets are committed to saving his life.

As we write this, our team is searching for Dash’s mother so that we can reunite them (and ensure that they are both safe!). Your donation will be used to provide life-saving treatment, food and medication to Dash, and hopefully reunite him with the mother he is desperately longing for.

Right now, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE - but with your help, Dash and his mother stand a fighting chance.

This little foal and his mom need YOUR help to survive. We urgently need to raise $6,700 (£5,000) to fund the medical care, food and search-and-rescue mission Dash needs to survive after his awful and traumatic start to life.


Please, donate what you can today so that this precious baby may know human kindness for the very first time, and we promise that we’ll do everything we possibly can to help him survive, thrive, and be reunited with his mother.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Dash doesn’t deserve to be left to die. Donkeys are gentle creatures, who feel many emotions. The entire donkey species is in terrible trouble, and it's up to us to help them - one precious life at a time. Please be as generous as you can today and help give Dash a chance at a better life.

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