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Hit by a car, blinded and then attacked by wolves, Tony the donkey is a victim three-times over - he is the victim of irresponsible owners, human recklessness and the natural instinct of predators to prey on injured animals.

Tony, who likely belonged to the Bedouin community in the Negev Desert, was hit by a car in the area south of Be'er Sheva and abandoned, critically injured. The people who witnessed the incident moved Tony off the road and left him to languish with his injuries.

After being hit by a car, Tony the donkey was attacked by wolves and left blind and bleeding in a field.


Miraculously, he survived - but now he needs our help to pull through.

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Horrifyingly, the smell of Tony’s blood attracted nearby predators. As night fell and he lay in the darkness suffering from awful wounds, a pack of wolves started to eat him.

Tony - now blind from the vicious attack, weak and bleeding profusely - was unable to get away. He simply had to endure the pain and terror of predators tearing at his flesh. He couldn’t even see his attackers.

Can you imagine what must have been going through his mind? It is an absolute miracle he survived the night.

The next morning, Tony - clinging to life - was discovered by passers-by who contacted our partner in Israel, the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS). They immediately dispatched a rescue team and found Tony covered in blood, with severe bite wounds all over his body. He was deeply traumatized and clearly in a great deal of pain. They rushed him to a top veterinarian hospital in Beit Dagan, where vets treated and stitched his wounds. Fortunately, he has no broken bones, but tragically, he lost an eye in the attack, and he has oedema on the brain, which they believe is causing the blindness of his remaining eye.


Nobody has come forward to claim Tony, but this is not unexpected. Donkeys are routinely treated with casual contempt and cruelty in the area. To some of those who live there, donkeys are beasts of burden, creatures without feeling, just there to be used. Sometimes, angry people take out their frustrations on the poor creatures, harshly dishing out cruel beatings. We have even chronicled children deliberately torturing donkeys for ‘fun’.

In an environment like this, animal lovers like you, are the only ray of hope donkeys have and we try to always be there for them. Tony may have been written off by his owner but will never be by us.

There is only a slim chance Tony will recover his sight. Tony has survived so much agony and suffering - but with your help, he can get the life-saving treatment he needs. Will you help show Tony the kindness he so desperately deserves?

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SOS does incredible work in rehabilitating abused, abandoned and neglected animals like Tony - animals who are at the mercy of uncaring, abusive owners who subject them to the most terrible cruelty and neglect. Tony is one of many tragic cases of donkey mistreatment, and after everything he has endured, we believe he deserves a chance at recovery and, ultimately, a happy life free of suffering and pain. With your help right now, that is exactly what we will give him.

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please help us raise $3,700 (£3,000) to get Tony the medical treatment he needs to heal his terrible wounds and end his pain. Once he has been treated and stabilized, he will require ongoing specialized care and will be placed with other blind and disabled donkeys.

SOS is doing everything in its power to help him, but medical care is costly and to give Tony the very best, they need your help.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Starting Over Sanctuary rehabilitates hundreds of animals every year and helps to find them loving forever homes. If you help us to get Tony the treatment he urgently needs, he may one day be able to find the loving home he dearly deserves, or at least be able to live out his life in a safe place with other special-needs donkeys. Please, help us give Tony a second chance. Your donation right now will be so gratefully received by a little donkey who has never before known human kindness.

P.P.S. NFA receives no government grants to do this life-saving work. We rely totally on generosity like yours. Another way you can help is to become an NFA monthly supporter today by donating a reasonable amount automatically every month via PayPal or a credit card of your choice. This option provides the steady funds that let us act FAST for animals, wherever they need us! Thank you with all our hearts.

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