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We’ve told you before about the disgusting behavior of some people in Jordan, who consider it a ‘sport’ to target street dogs and mow them down with their cars and trucks.

Street dogs are easy targets because countless numbers of them roam the streets sick, hungry and weak. The monsters who do this deliberately aim at dogs and then leave the dogs in anguish at the roadside.

A crunch, a yelp and then a poor dog lies paralyzed and suffering, while scores of people pass by - none of whom seem to care. Sometimes, it takes days before the dog dies in terrible pain.

This is the story of Apollo, just one victim of this cruel ‘sport’. A kind lady found Apollo after he was PURPOSELY hit by a car. He was obviously in terrible pain. He cried and gnashed his teeth in fear of being further harmed. He was unable to walk and could barely drag his limp back legs across the ground.


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Fortunately, he was taken to our partner, the Al Rabee shelter - the only lifeline for dogs like him in the area…

As you read these words, Apollo is still in considerable pain. He snaps and tries to bite when his caregivers try to help him. So far, vets have been unable to identify a specific reason for Apollo’s lameness so it's possible (and we are hopeful) Apollo’s lameness is a result of shock from the trauma he endured.

According to Rodica Toma Atahamneh, who runs the shelter, Apollo is the fourth dog to have been struck by ‘sportsmen’ recently. She witnessed one incident when a vehicle struck a street dog. The man got out of his car, grabbed the dog by the neck, threw it into the middle of the road, climbed back in his car and drove off.

Dogs are not highly regarded in Jordan, and there are constant heartrending stories of abuse and many people just do not care.

But we care, and with the help of animal lovers like you, we are committed to changing this dreadful situation! Please, will you help us today?


Help us to take action by donating today!

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Our work and your support today are so important. We must put an end to the horrific abuse and daily pain and suffering of these innocent creatures.

Our partner, the Al Rabee shelter, is the only salvation - the only hope, dogs like Apollo have. Well, except for you. When a tragedy like Apollo’s comes to our attention, we are prepared to act immediately with medical supplies and emergency veterinary care.

Stories like Apollo’s are all too common in the Aqaba area - for most dogs, the chance to recover from a horrific hit-and-run incident is in the hands of our partner and your and our ability to provide the funds they need.

We need your support to help Apollo and so many dogs like him, NOW!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Please donate today to help Apollo recover. Apollo requires painkillers and intensive veterinary care to have any chance at a decent life. He did not deserve what was done to him. No dog does!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. There are so many more dogs like Apollo at the Al Rabee shelter who need our help - so many of them were also sadistically targeted by sick people in cars. Like Apollo, they are in pain and require ongoing veterinary treatment for their injuries - lacerations and broken bones. Costs can skyrocket quickly as new emergency cases arrive. Please help us in our fight to save these precious lives.

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