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What we are about to share with you is SO sickening and brutal. But we must tell you about this because every day the most dreadful cruelty to dogs is routinely dished out - often it seems for the sheer “pleasure” of torturing animals.

We need to stand together NOW for the dogs of Jordan!

Time and again, government officials with the Municipality in Jordan have promised to clamp down on the shocking casual cruelty inflicted on street dogs. It seems these promises mean absolutely nothing. The video makes this crystal clear. By turning a blind eye to what is happening and not enforcing humane policies, the authorities are effectively SANCTIONING MURDER.

The shocking video recently began circulating on social media. It graphically shows the sickening killing of an innocent street dog. Actually, “sickening” is an understatement - the right words don’t exist...

This level of cruelty is beyond belief, but it’s happening in Jordan.


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In the video, a friendly dog is barbarically shot by an employee of the Zarqa municipality in the Gibraltar region of Jordan. Children use food to lure the dog to where the killers wait. The dog wags his tail as he unsuspiciously approaches the gunman.

The gunman then coldheartedly opens fire on the innocent dog, not killing him but severely injuring him. The dog tries to run away, yelping in pain but the sadist fires again and again and again, until finally the poor tortured creature collapses and dies.

The sad truth in Jordan is that dogs are routinely and purposely run over by cars, shot, and poisoned. Hundreds are left to suffer and die.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Imagine yourself as a street dog in Jordan…

Life is unimaginably tough. For dogs, the streets are like a warzone. You are always hungry and have to scrounge for food, wherever you can. You want to trust humans (that’s just your nature) but food is routinely laced with poison - it will cause you prolonged suffering before you finally die. If you are lucky enough to escape being poisoned, it's highly likely you will either be mowed down by a speeding maniac or shot by a merciless gunman. That's it - that's your life...

It is impossible to fathom why street dogs in Jordan are treated so badly!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

We work around the world, and the level of cruelty in Jordan is among the worse we have ever seen. Some of these practices are dressed up as population control, such as feeding street dogs poison-laced food. But some of it seems to be motivated by pure hatred of dogs. For fun, groups of men search for street dogs and kill as many as they can with high-powered rifles, while others deliberately mow down dogs in their vehicles.

Our team has met with authorities and tried to negotiate peace for the dogs. We have offered solutions such as mass spay and neuter programs. They promised to stop the killing, but the mass poisoning and shooting of dogs continues unabated.

We urgently need your help again - so, please donate what you can today. Whatever you send enables us to continue this lifesaving work.

The time for serious action is NOW! Your donation will go a long way towards saving lives and implementing real change.

Working with our partners on the ground, the Al Rabi Shelter and Al Rahmeh Sanctuary, we already help feed, medically treat and provide shelter for hundreds of dogs in private shelters where they are safe.

However, when it comes to changing and enforcing policies that will protect street dogs from callous slaughter, it is increasingly evident that we and our partners are on our own.


And with the support of animal lovers like you, we will continue our lifesaving work and END CRUELTY TO STREET DOGS IN JORDAN!

If we can raise enough funds, we will begin by rescuing more dogs, as many as we can, and get them to a place of safety. The second step will be to work with our partners on the ground to pressurize authorities to initiate mass spay and neuter programs so we can prevent dogs from being born into this life of hell. Third, we will double our efforts to raise awareness because THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.

Please, help if you can today!

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. The time has come for all of us to stand together and fight to end the brutality inflicted upon street dogs in Jordan. Please, please, donate now and share the video with everyone you know. There is strength in numbers, and if we all stand together, our voice will be so loud - the Jordanian authorities will have no choice but to pay attention.

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