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Sickening levels of cruelty and neglect unleashed against innocent street dogs in Jordan are a national disgrace for the country and its people!

We cannot idly stand back as the inherent weaknesses and utter disregard of current animal welfare laws resulting in bloody massacres for street dogs in Aqaba, Jordan. Street dogs are being systematically wiped out!

Jordan has appallingly weak animal welfare laws which are not enforced. The local municipal authorities offer a bounty for each dog brought to them. Once delivered, the authorities say the dogs must be taken to a safe place in the desert. No such place exists!

Instead, dogs are being killed, often in the most gruesome ways.

Yes, it’s UNBELIEVABLE but TRUE… Local municipal authorities have issued a BOUNTY for each dog brought to them! But it's a MURDER SPREE!


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The Jordanian government and local authorities have little interest in solving the problem because nobody pushes them.

Let’s make them do something!

According to local municipal authorities, street dogs are supposed to be taken to a “safe place in the desert.” But this is a blatant lie! There is no safe place for them to go outside of Aqaba - except the Al Rabee shelter which Network for Animals supports. And that haven is so full it can’t take one more dog.

Innocent dogs are being mercilessly slaughtered, poisoned, purposely driven over by vehicles and thrown away like trash – for no reason except some people hate dogs and are happy to kill them.

Case after case of unspeakable abuse have generated calls for the Jordanian government to take action and stop the appalling cruelty dished out to dogs like Dodo, who was ruthlessly shot - and the brutal ending of another dog's life after a speeding bus deliberately ploughed into him.

We know the photos and video footage are heart-breaking and so difficult to watch but we can’t turn a blind eye.

Jordan is a WARZONE for dogs. The mindless violence sends shivers down our spines. We must help them!


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

An urgent call of action is needed. Our team is working with the only sanctuary for street dogs in Aqaba. Al Rabee runs with very few resources, and the global pandemic has impacted hugely on this shelter’s capability to help.

Authorities and the municipality do very little to support the shelter. Authorities are actively supporting the murder of dogs.

We URGENTLY need to raise funds so we can get food and medicines to the shelter, initiate spay and neuter projects and, if possible, find homes for them in other countries.

Countless lives are at stake and time is of the essence.

Together we can make a difference. Your donation in any amount will go a long way to saving and improving the lives of thousands of creatures in Jordan who will die without us.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Founders Network for Animals

P.S. We are utterly shocked at the lack of empathy Jordan has for living, feeling beings but with your support, we have the power to prevent and stop animal suffering. Please contribute what you can to NFA today.

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