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The holidays are with us and the year is nearly over.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your wonderful support which has helped animals all over the world.

As you’ll see in our message below, in 2019 you made so many great things happen.

But there are daunting challenges ahead, and animals who are still out there suffering really need your continued help and friendship if their lives are to change in the new year.

Before you read about all the good you made possible, please take a moment now to donate to Network for Animals, where you can be sure your money helps animals big and small.

NFA is by no means the richest animal welfare organization. Everything we do, is thanks to friends like you.

With your support, and in a stunning achievement this past year, we relocated a family of 28 South African elephants to a new wilderness home far from poaching areas.

Now safe from ivory hunters and free to breed, these majestic mammals will create a legacy spanning hundreds of years. And as more elephants need us, you can be sure we’ll be there with your love and help.

In the Philippines you’re helping to massively reduce the dog meat trade, now limited to a few remote regions. In Mindanao, you’ve helped cut the despicable horse fighting “business” in half and helped NFA act as the catalyst for the first-ever sanctuary for dogs and cats in the region.

But it’s not over ‘til it’s over, and with your help, this year-end we will continue to fight animal cruelty and killing in the Philippines every day via raids and prosecutions!

There’s more you made possible in 2019, too – and more you can do for animals in need.

For donkeys, you helped NFA expose the horror of donkey genocide in Africa, where insatiable Chinese demand for donkey skins is threatening to completely wipe out donkeys in many rural areas. Your kind year-end gift also supports donkeys rescued from genocide AND will enable NFA’s ongoing work to see the killing banned completely.

And you’ll help donkeys in Greece, where NFA continues to draw the world’s attention to the situation on the island of Santorini. Here, donkeys are forced to carry tourists up and down a 1000-foot (300-meter) cliff in fierce sun with no water or shade. Although the situation remains bad – and the donkeys will need our voices in the new year – the number of tourists riding them is decreasing.

Last but not least, if it’s dogs and cats who steal your heart, you will be so glad to hear how your support helped them in 2019 – and how you can keep helping...

You enabled NFA’s work with a dedicated local volunteer in South Africa, Shaygam Newman, honored with the Brian Davies Award recently for his lifesaving work. Your generosity helped Shaygam provide virtually every street dog in the slum area of Hangberg with food and veterinary care. Where before there was sorrow and abuse, now they have hope!

Your kind support was also felt by dogs in Turkey. Here thousands of street dogs in the rural area of Tavşanlı were surviving by eating the diseased carcasses of chickens discarded by poultry factories and drinking water polluted by fertilizer factories! You helped fund our advocacy work to persuade the Turkish government to act. Because of that, poultry factories have been fined and ordered to improve disposal methods and efforts are underway to control water pollution.

You can imagine these battles are FAR from won. In places like Tavşanlı and South Africa, dogs and puppies remain in desperate need. Your generous holiday donation will help us help them.
Whether it’s tireless work to help abused, abandoned and homeless dogs... or your support that now reaches animal shelters in fourteen countries, and provides spay and neuter services in ten...

... Or the incredible gifts of aid, care, and food you gave to cats and cat caregivers in a nuclear fallout zone in Japan, in Cape Town, South Africa, and Paciano, Italy...

... Or the way your donations mean careful fieldwork to persuade authorities to improve legal protection for animals and run outreach programs that teach people to properly care for dogs...

... Or even when together we can celebrate the relocation of three disabled dogs from Thailand to forever homes in England, and the delivery of donated food for street cats in Greece...

Your donations to Network for Animals work miracles, holidays and EVERY day.

So please, if you can, consider the most generous year-end donation possible to Network for Animals this holiday season, where you can be sure your money goes to the animals.

With a small recurring donation, you can also choose to become a monthly supporter to NFA and help the animals every month after month, every month, all year round.

But please, however you choose to donate, help the animals before the year is over. It’s not too late... you’ll be so glad you did... and the animals will be forever grateful.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. Helping animals isn’t NFA’s job - it’s our mission, every day of the year. And, as you can see, we get the job done. Now, with the end of the year upon us and our budget nearly exhausted, we are asking you to please make a donation today so we can end 2019 strong and begin 2020 knowing we can continue to expand our crusade to help animals throughout the world.

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