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In the remote, dirt-poor Kenyan town of Faza, donkeys, cats and dogs live miserable lives, filled with famine, abuse and neglect. The animals’ bitter plight is accentuated by severe poverty in the community - the result of economic inequality, government corruption and a woefully inefficient health system. It should come as no surprise that there are absolutely no medical facilities in the town to help these poor creatures, so they are left to suffer, often living short, painful lives.

We CANNOT STAND BY and let this suffering continue. We will not!

The tragic situation we are about to share with you can be changed, with your help.

Everywhere one looks there are sick kittens with fly-infested eyes, injured dogs and donkeys so hungry they eat plastic waste washed up on nearby beaches.

Help us to take action by donating today!

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Upon arrival in Faza, the first thing we noticed were donkeys tied to boats along the litter-infested shore; they nose around in the dirt for food and, finding none, eat plastic garbage instead, simply to ease their hunger. As we moved into the town, cats scattered through the dust in every direction - homeless, living among heaps of filth in the hot, dirty streets. Those who survive get by on fish scraps tossed to them by fishermen.

Some of the cats were huddled, sick and quivering in any tiny bit of shade they can find. We saw cats who could barely lift their heads from weakness, and we saw desperately ill cats besieged by flies - they could barely open their eyes because of puss-oozing infections.


Kittens are sick and dying - but there’s no way to treat them, so they just must endure, or die. Slowly. Dogs with open wounds are sometimes roughly stitched back together with thick cotton by their owners, without anesthetic or antibacterial treatment - and those are the “lucky” ones. The nightmare extends to donkeys who are appallingly treated their entire lives - hungry, beaten and worked until they drop.

Street cats, dogs and donkeys
URGENTLY need a veterinary treatment clinic in Faza!


There is no vet or medical facility in Faza, and almost no animals there have ever received medical treatment. All these animals will continue to suffer until animal lovers band together and change things. This is what we intend to do, but we need your help…

Our plan is to create a facility to provide proper, long-term veterinary care - a place where animals will be helped at the most fundamental level by providing food and medical care and a little bit of love. Please, will you help us today?

Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

This haven for animals will save thousands of street cats, dogs and overworked donkeys from lives of pain and suffering.

We already have qualified animal experts and community leaders on the ground ready and eager to begin treating the animals of Faza. But they need equipment, medication and a proper facility from which to work.

An animal lover like you knows that these helpless, innocent animals DESERVE proper medical care. They DESERVE for there to be a facility where they’ll be treated for their illnesses, sterilized and cared for when they need it.

With proper care, kittens don’t have to lose their eyesight to illness, and donkeys don’t have to suffer in pain, every day of their lives, until they die miserable deaths, with bellies full of plastic and bodies covered in wounds. Dogs won’t have to have their bodies stitched together with thick, dirty needles, under the harshest of conditions.


We simply CANNOT let this situation continue - but we NEED YOUR HELP to stop it. It is only with the compassionate, generous support of people like you that we can help to ease the suffering of the animals of Faza,

Will you help? Will you send your donation, as urgently as possible, so that we can raise $10,000 (£7,200) to start getting the animals of Faza the help they need?

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. if you were with us as we walked through scenes of utter horror for animals in Faza, we know you would have immediately helped them. Luckily, you did not see what we did - we say “luckily” because it was so horrible and sad, but you can still help by making a donation, large or small - it all helps - today.

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