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We are writing to tell you about the terrible problems lions face, in Africa. This is a sad and frightening story.

Lions are in the gravest danger! The king of the jungle is now one step away from total disaster

Hunters kill them to boost their egos.

Poachers kill them to sell their bones as phoney medicine on the Asian market.

Rural people kill them because they see them as a danger to their livestock and, the final straw, human settlements are taking more and more of their land.

From the last century to now, lion numbers have dropped from 200,000 to 20,000, and more die every day!

We are watching a slow-motion catastrophe.
Please, help us to stop it.


Help us to take action by donating today!

Donate today

Right now, we are working to relocate lions in South Africa, to places where they can be free and protected, and at the same time, to introduce new genes to small inbred local populations.

It’s vital work. We are fighting for the right of lions to exist in the wild. This is crucially important work.

We just helped move three lions from the Addo National Park, in eastern South Africa, to a game reserve in the north of the country where, hopefully, they will be able to live and breed safely. More moves are in the pipeline.

Now we want to tell you something truly amazing…

The land we moved the lions from, is an area that members of our team helped Addo buy, more than 20 years ago. Then, it was farmland. Today, all the big five – rhino, lions, buffalo, cheetah and leopards – roam there. With the help of animal lovers like you, our work has ensured a booming population. It has been so successful, that there are now enough lions there, that we can help send some to new lives in other wilderness areas.


Please help us continue this work, we must succeed so your grandchildren will still be able to see lions in the wilderness! Your generous donation to Network for Animals will make it possible for us to do even more to help lions and other animals.

For the animals,


Brian and Gloria Davies (and Max and Flora!)
Network for Animals

P.S. It may seem incredible, but while we are desperately trying to save lions, killers in South Africa are breeding them in captivity, for hunters to shoot! Yet another reason for you to please help our fight by donating today.

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